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Winter basics and essentials: Comfortable clothing for the cold season

The cold has arrived big time! Even thinking about walking out the door in a T-shirt makes our hair stand on end, and despite being aware of the time of year we are in, these low temperatures have taken us by surprise. 

The moment has come to say hello to winter fashion and to those garments that keep us warm even when the thermometer is below zero. Fashion that tends to be more practical than what we wear in spring or summer, but which is not totally removed from the trends.

However, it will be impossible to face a season such as this without the winter wardrobe essentials which are virtually present in everyone’s wardrobe. You don’t know what they are? Might you be missing one at home? White shirts, knitted sweaters or coats are some of them, but we will tell you below which ones are the most essential so you can start creating your looks for the cold

Winter fashion for women: Basics and essentials

Everyone is different, but even if they have completely different styles we can find some garments that have become winter basics for any woman. These garments can be combined again and again to obtain all types of outfits to stay comfortable and warm in this season. 

Trousers for winter

The first of these essentials are the suit trousers. It doesn’t matter what colour you choose, what is important is that these types of trousers have become the kings of the wardrobe due to their versatility. They can be combined both with a T-shirt, and a shirt or a jumper. It is best to choose them with waist pleats, straight leg and belt loops.

Another essential are jeans because what would become of daily looks without a pair? In winter fashion they can be used both casually with a jumper or cardigan, and a little bit more formally accompanied by a blouse and a good coat. The best option are the straight leg with a medium or high waist, as they help stylize the figure

Coats and knitwear

The faithful companion of these two garments among the winter basics are knitwear. There is no better way to face the low temperatures than by choosing knitwear, particularly garments with a soft touch and that feel super comfortable when you use them. Whether a cardigan accompanied by a shirt or T-shirt, or a turtleneck jumper to keep yourself protected from the cold, knitwear is an essential for winter

Finally, coats. The final layer of our winter looks can be as practical as the puffers that have become so famous in recent seasons. Or you can opt for a classic trench coat for more elegant and timeless looks. Our choice? Wear what you feel warmest in. 

Winter fashion for men: Basics and essentials

In men’s fashion it is also possible to find winter basics that guarantee you a warm season, with good protection against the cold and without sacrificing one bit of style. 

The first garment that finds a space in almost every male wardrobe are tracksuit bottoms. This practical garment normally associated with playing sport has become the key to creating both casual looks and some that are even appropriate for going to the office, depending simply on what you combine them with. Put on a T-shirt and jacket to go out with your friends, or combine it with a shirt or jumper plus a formal coat for a new day at work. 

In the same way as tracksuit bottoms, the sweatshirt has also become another of the winter basics. Whether printed with a more youthful cut or plain and higher quality for more formal looks, the reality is that the sweatshirt is increasing in popularity thanks to being a very versatile garment. Your own style sets the limit. 

Knitwear also has its place among the essential winter garments in a man’s wardrobe, particularly cardigans. Cardigans give a vintage touch to any style and are almost as versatile as sweatshirts since they can be combined with everything. 

Finally, the coat. As with women’s fashion, the outer garment par excellence this season is the key piece of the entire outfit. Although it is true that for men classic cuts that can be combined even with tracksuit bottoms to give them a casual touch prevail more, we cannot ignore either that puffers have found a place in every style.


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