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Top 8 beach ball games

Summer is here!

And summer is synonymous with good weather and the beach. It’s not for nothing that we look forward to the arrival of good weather so that we can go to our beaches, whether it’s for swimming, sunbathing or simply relaxing in a wonderful natural environment.

Grab your umbrella, your towel and your favorite flip-flops or sandals and get ready to enjoy a great day at the beach.

You can do much more than that on the beach. It is an ideal place to play and have fun. 

The idle atmosphere and the good weather already encourage this, but also the water and the sand are the perfect playground, as the falls are cushioned, allowing us to make risky and acrobatic movements that we would never do in another type of environment.

Of the many games that could be played on the beach, ball games stand out above the rest. And the fact is that a ball, despite being such a simple element, is very, very playful. That is why we are going to see a list of the best games to play on the beach with a ball. 

1- Dodgeball

This game is a classic and one of the best possible games to play on the beach, especially with the family. Who hasn’t played it when they were at school? 

It is a team game in which, in order to win, we have to capture the members of the opposing team. So at least 4 people are needed to play this game, although the more participants, the better.

To play we only need a volleyball, football or similar and a playing field, which we can draw in the sand. 

The field has to be divided into two fields, within each of which the two teams will be placed. Behind the two fields are the cemeteries, the place where the captured players, who will not stop playing, will end up.

A toss of lots or a coin toss will decide which team starts with the toss. If the thrower hits an opponent and the ball is not caught, it goes to the graveyard. But if he catches it, it will be the thrower himself who goes to his team’s graveyard. 

The players in the graveyard can pick up the balls that reach their area and throw them to the opposing team, being also able to eliminate whoever they hit and being able to return to their field.

In the end, the first team to eliminate all members of the opposing team wins.

2- Beach Golf

The beach is an ideal playing field, as it allows us to modify the environment temporarily in order to recreate new playing spaces.

Beach golf requires, precisely, some holes in the ground. And on the beach we can dig them without any problem.

This game is ideal for children, adults or the whole family. The minimum number of players is two, as it is a competitive game.

The aim is to dig holes in the sand and, using your foot instead of the golf club, try to get the ball into the hole with as few strokes as possible. As in golf, the winner is the player who completes the course with as few strokes as possible.

It is a simple and fun game, although it can also provoke the cheating side of some players who try to place the ball in the way that is most convenient for them, be careful!

3- Beach Bowling

Another ideal game for the whole family or the youngest members of the family. All you need is a beach ball and the desire to have fun.

The skittles can be made out of sand with the little ones or you can use empty bottles. If we add some water to the bottles, they will be more stable and more difficult to throw.

If we want to give the game a more serious aspect, we can play with the 9 regulation skittles. But if not, we will use as many as we have available or we feel like.

We will establish as many rounds as we want and we will count the pins thrown by each participant until we reach the final round, where the last count will give us the winner.

4- Three-way football

Although it can also be played with only two teams, this game is more fun (and chaotic) if played in three teams of two people. No matter the age of the participants, it is ideal for children, families or groups of friends.

The playing field will be triangular, drawn in the sand. In each corner of the triangle we will place a towel which will act as a goal. The aim is to score in the enemy’s goal, preventing them from scoring in their own goal.

You can’t touch the ball with your hands, of course. And if the ball leaves the field of play, it will be given back to the opponent who was closest to the ball at the moment it leaves the field.

As a goal, you can set a time limit, with the team that scores the most goals winning, or a specific number of goals, with the team that scores the most winning.

This is one of the most fun and chaotic beach ball games!

5- The prisoners’ race 

With this fun ball game to play on the beach you can have a great time.

It is very simple and, once again, you only need one ball for each participant. The idea is to run holding the ball between the participants’ calves. If a participant drops the ball on the ground, they have to start again from the beginning.

This game is ideal for children or for playing with the family and the minimum number of participants is two, with no maximum number.

6- Beach Petanque 

Yes, it’s the classic game of petanque, but adapted to the beach!

To play we only need one ball per participant and the desire to have fun. The minimum number of participants is two, and you can play as many people as you want.

To start playing, we will draw a line on a part of the beach and we will move ten steps away from it to establish the launching place. Then, we will draw lots to determine the order in which the participants will throw their ball with the aim of getting as close as possible to the line, but without passing it.

The most fun comes when some players hit the ball of others, ruining the position they had achieved!

The game can be played as a single round, with the winner being the player who gets the ball closest to the line without going over it, or different scores can be awarded for each round depending on the position in which they finish and the points at the end of the rounds can be added up to determine the winner.

7- Run, ball, run 

This hilarious ball game for the beach will be great fun for the little ones at home.

To play we need one ball per player and a water pistol.

Each player will have a “lane” that we will previously draw in the sand, along which the ball will be driven with water pistols to the place where we set the goal. If a participant runs out of ammunition, he or she must run to the water to reload his or her weapon.

Of course, the first to reach the finish line wins.

You can’t shoot your opponents!

8- Beach volleyball

It is probably one of the most characteristic beach games with a ball and could not be missing from our list. It is suitable for all ages and can be played even if there are only two players.

With a bit of luck, you might find a beach with a net available. But if not, you can always bring it yourself or, if you don’t have one, something to act as a net.

As you already know, the aim is to return the ball to the opponent’s court, trying to get it to fall into the opponent’s court in order to score. At the same time, you have to prevent the ball from touching the ground in your own field.

This game is ideal for all ages. And the fact that it can be played on the beach makes it much more fun than when it is played on the court, as on the sand we can do impossible jumps and pirouettes to win the game and become the hero of the day.

Take care of the beach

We all love to enjoy the beach. That is why it is very important that, when you have finished any activity on the beach, you don’t forget to pick up the items you have used for the games or any objects you have taken with you to the beach. 

It is in everyone’s hands to preserve these wonderful spaces so that we can continue to enjoy the different ball games for the beach for many generations to come. 

As you can see, the beach games we have compiled are ideal for all ages and for any size group. At Havaianas we want to help you make your days at the beach great, and that’s why we have a lot of products to do just that.

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