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5 Colors that Match with Baby Blue

When we think of the so-called baby blue color, it’s nearly impossible not to automatically associate it with children’s clothing. However, this color has been gaining more and more ground in fashion trends as part of looks that have little to do with the innocence it’s usually associated with.

But what makes baby blue so special? It’s a color that exudes calm and peace while also being versatile enough to change the nuances of a look in the blink of an eye. This versatility has been recognized this year both on the runways and in street style.

Do you want to know how you can pair it up? We’ll tell you below!

Orange Color

It’s often thought that soft colors like baby blue only go well together. And while it’s true that they’re not a bad combination, the reality is that there are much bolder combinations that can elevate any look. One of them is the intense and warm orange. Think of it as the sky at sunset, when the reddish sun stands out against the blue horizon.

A good way to combine them could be by opting for orange linen pants, a shirt or top in baby blue, and Havaianas You Angra sandals. Are you up for this combination?

Beige Color

If there’s a classic combination with baby blue beyond what it does with pastel colors, it’s pairing it with beige. This combination has been featured in some of the most formal looks, but also in some of the trendiest. It has even been seen in the most recent fashion week shows, so you shouldn’t miss the chance to join this trend.

Pairing baby blue with beige in your outfit is a guarantee of success for almost any occasion. We recommend an informal look combining your Havaianas Pants Hava Classics Culotte with a baby blue tank top and Havaianas IV Print Espadrilles in navy sand.

Black Color

One way to break all conventions is to choose to combine baby blue with black. At first glance, they may seem almost opposites, but the reality is that this is an elegant combination with a classic touch, yet undeniably bold. An ideal combination for a powerful daytime look.

To allow baby blue to shine in all its splendor, we suggest pairing a shirt dress with black accessories like Havaianas Twist Plus sandals and a Havaianas Mini Bag Plus Glitter.

Denim Color

No one can resist denim, not even baby blue. These texture and color complement each other perfectly, resulting in a fashionable and elegant look, a pure trend that you can easily emulate in your everyday life for a casual look to go to the office or grab a drink after work.

Since the combination speaks for itself, our proposal is a very basic and comfortable look for your daily life. Combine wide-cut jeans with a baby blue shirt. An ensemble you can’t go wrong with.

Mustard Color

This may be the last combination we suggest, but it’s by no means the least fitting. Have you ever considered combining two colors like baby blue and mustard? Trust us when we say it’s a 100% winning combination, with a unique contrast.
The key is to introduce the mustard tone in the accessories to create accents that help highlight the baby blue color as the base. We invite you to combine a baby blue spaghetti strap mini dress with Havaianas You Paraty sandals to enjoy a brunch with your friends on a sunny morning.


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