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Original ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year, but with its arrival also comes headaches. What can I buy my partner? It may be the day when love is celebrated, but it is also undoubtedly becoming the day when more couples look for Valentine’s gift ideas on the Internet, far removed from your typical flowers and chocolates.

Although everyone loves a sweet treat, why not give your partner a gift that surprises him or her and which is also practical? And although you know your partner’s tastes and whims better than anyone else, we want to make it a little easier for you, so we have made a small selection to help you. Take note, because these Valentine’s Day gifts will be a hit for sure. 

Ideas for Valentine’s Day: footwear

There’s nothing worse than walking in uncomfortable footwear, particularly when you want to have a leisurely stroll or focus on the company of the person with you. So that both of you can enjoy a romantic day free of foot pain, we believe a good idea for Valentine’s Day is to give your partner some footwear.

Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day: flip flops

As we have already said, everyone loves a selection of their favourite chocolates or a bunch of those special flowers that you gave your partner on your very first date. But, if you were to give your partner a relaxing day at a spa? Or perhaps a trip to the beach? The best thing you can do then is to accompany it with some flip flops. On our website you will find the best options for both women’s flip flops and men’s flip flops in order to make the right choice.

Havaianas Luna Pink Flip Flops

Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day: sandals

If you are one of those couples that enjoy the good weather but are not sure when the high temperatures will return to visit your favourite terrace or beach, probably one of the best ideas for Valentine’s Day would be to give your partner some sandals. Comfortable, with a modern design and, best of all, ideal for accompanying you on your moments together wherever you go. 

Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day: slippers

If your partner and you prefer cosy plans and enjoy like children a long afternoon wrapped in a blanket watching the TV, he or she will undoubtedly appreciate a bit of added comfort. That is why our original gifts for Valentine’s Day include the option of giving some warm slippers that he or she will probably not want to take off even when going outside.

Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day: espadrilles

If you look at the calendar, it may seem like summer is a long way off, but remember the good weather always arrives before you expect it. Why don’t you give your partner some espadrilles to comfortably cope with the warmer days ahead and with a touch of style? An essential part of summer footwear which you can also wear as a matching outfit.

Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day: sneakers

Sneakers have gone from being simply a sports shoe to an essential item in any wardrobe for day-to-day life. If your partner loves a comfortable shoe to walk in for his or her everyday routine, choose one of our sneakers. It may be one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for men and women.

Ideas for Valentine’s Day: clothes

Perhaps clothes are a more traditional idea for Valentine’s Day, but what’s wrong with it if you know your partner will like it? If you have a partner who loves fashion or super comfortable clothes, this is an excellent opportunity, and you won’t have to look any further. In our online store we have all kinds of original options, to ensure you choose the right one.

Bikinis and broadshorts

Summer, a day at the spa, a week of relaxation at the beach or pool… And the perfect bikini or broadshorts. It’s difficult to better something like this, is it not? That’s why we believe this is one of the best gift ideas on Valentine’s Day. What’s more, if you want an even bigger surprise, why not accompany it with a trip to that beach that you have always wanted to visit together?

T-shirts and trousers

A T-shirt can complete a good look, send your partner a message or, simply, be a comfortable option when getting dressed. Whatever the reason you decide to choose this idea for Valentine’s Day, your partner is sure to love it. You also have the option of giving him or her some trousers perfect for a comfortable, fresh and complete look.

Beachdresses and beachskirts

Although some people prefer trousers for a more comfortable outfit when temperatures start to rise, undoubtedly beachdresses and beachskirts are ideal options for a fresher ensemble. Different lengths, colours, with sheer fabric… Of all the possible Valentine’s Day ideas, giving your partner a beachdress or beachskirt is a sure winner. She will be able to start the warm temperature season with a new look.

Havaianas Pink Beach Dress

Ideas for Valentine’s Day: accessories

Not everything is footwear in our list of ideas for Valentine’s Day. Maybe your partner would prefer some accessories to complete his or her looks, or to be able to practise his or her favourite activities more comfortably. So, we give you some extra ideas.

Bags and Backpacks

There are many options when it comes to giving a bag or backpack for Valentine’s Day. Large bags for carrying lots of things on a trip, backpacks for excursions to the mountains or the beach, or a mini bag for going shopping or to the pool. Choose his or her favourite type or the one he or she always wanted to have, and you’re sure to get it right.

Caps and Hats

Do you like going on excursions at weekends? What about giving your partner a cap to protect against the sun and add a traditional touch to his or her outfit? On our website you will find different models to choose the one that best suits his or her style.

At Havaianas we offer you different options so that you don’t run out of ideas and so that your partner gets that special something this year. Various original gift options and ideas for a special Valentine’s Day.


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