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Makeup Trends 2024: What’s In?

Even if the clothes remain the same, how we wear them according to our style makes all the difference. The same goes for makeup and the trends that emerge each year to encourage us to experiment.

Just as each new year brings new perspectives and beginnings, the same applies to makeup trends. After a 2023 with some well-known trends like glittery glazed donut nails, pink tones, or the return of thin eyebrows, 2024 brings new makeup trends to experiment with throughout the year.

You may have already seen some of these makeup trends for 2024 on social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram, but in case you haven’t, we’re going to tell you about some of the ones that will make a strong impact this new year.

Glitter, blush as the star, graphic eyeliners… Which one will you try first?

Shine Like Never Before

In 2024, you won’t need the sun to shine. One of the trends taking over the makeup world is glitter in all its forms and applied to almost everything related to trending makeup.

Shiny eyeshadows, with glitter, metallic, or chromed, take center stage on the eyelids. But shine is not reserved only for the eyes. Bright highlighters will not only allow you to accentuate your prominent features but also give you a futuristic and fantastic look when used in your boldest makeups.

A makeup trend as dazzling as your favorite glitter flip-flops.

The Most Beautiful Witch

Snow White’s evil stepmother was a witch who asked her magical mirror who was the fairest of them all. We have a very clear answer – you, at least if you decide to embrace the witchy beauty aesthetic that bursts onto the makeup trends for 2024.

But what are we talking about? We’re talking about the return of the gothic aesthetic in all its splendor, with light foundations, super-defined lashes, and eye-catching eyeliners that create a much more dramatic eye. Smoky makeups in very dark tones and lipsticks with a colour palette that includes black join them.

Graphic Line

Speaking of eye-catching eyeliners, the more graphic eyeliner style returns with sharp and precise lines to create extreme looks. Double eyeliner, completely straight lines, super elongated ends… All to give maximum importance to the eyes, almost as much as our mini bags, so make sure to have your trusted eyeliner on hand.

Blush Yourself

Blush has never gone out of style, but the way to use it changes from time to time. However, in 2024, it returns to mark the cheeks with a blush reminiscent of porcelain dolls or 80s manga heroines. The so-called “doll blush” seeks to give a fresh and healthy look, as well as sculpt the face to give it a more youthful appearance.

Gradient Returns

During the 90s, there was no fashion photo or red carpet without models and actresses with gradient lips. The progressively darkened outline to a bright and light center was the protagonist of looks back then and will also be a highlight in the makeup of 2024. Accentuate the lip shape by using two different lipstick shades, covered with a bit of gloss for a fuller and juicier look.

Klein Blue

Klein Blue has been a trendy colour practically since its inception, as evidenced by numerous fashion collections. This time, this shade of blue takes over makeup to stand out. A trend only for the boldest, but it will be a hit. Use an eyeliner in this colour, find a shade to create a smoky look… Or go for a total look combining the two previous ones with a manicure in the same shade. All in blue? We say yes.

Look for an Accent

The trending makeup of 2024 is a response to the trend of uniformity and minimalism that has spread in recent years. That’s why this trend is one of the big bets for the coming year because it allows you to stand out with just a pop of colour.
You’ll only need to combine natural makeup with bold red lips, a matte style with a shiny or metallic eyeliner in an unusual shade, or softer makeup with a vibrant eyeshadow. You choose which suits your style the most.


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