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New arrivals at Havaianas for spring-summer 2024

Sometimes time passes without us even realising it. That’s why at Havaianas we’ve been working hard all this time so that you can now find the new footwear arrivals that will let you stand strong this spring and summer season

Good weather is just around the corner, so we recommend that you take a look at these new models to continue enjoying the comfort and style that characterise Havaianas and that we bring you every year. 

Havaianas new collection: spring-summer footwear

Havaianas is comfort, but it is also adventure and essence. This new collection is imbued with the character of the Brazilian coast, inviting you to enjoy its spectacular nature, the sensations it transmits, its colours, its flavours, its stories… A journey on which to discover yourself and the home of Havaianas.

These spring-summer new arrivals will be your perfect buddies when visiting the beach, walking near the shore, enjoying nature… All this with designs that reflect the vibrant diversity of Brazilian nature, its art, its crafts and its character. Unique, inspiring and captivating designs that unite the joy and life with which Brazil overflows with the characteristics that have made Havaianas synonymous with simplicity and comfort. 

Havaianas flip flops new arrivals

Since 1962, Havaianas flip flops have become the summer footwear par excellence thanks to their modern and functional design, but, above all, their comfort. That’s why they are a must in the spring-summer 2024 new arrivals. Discover the new models to stay up-to-date. 

Havaianas Top Logomania II

Classics always return, which is why the Havaianas Top Logomania II are one of the main footwear new arrivals. You can find them in different combinations of vibrant colours that will provide a unique and contrasting detail in any look. 

Havaianas Urban Print

Sometimes simplicity is the key, as the Havaianas Urban Basic have already shown. That’s why we couldn’t resist recovering its simplicity and comfort by adding some extras: an attractive colourful striped sole, and comfortable wide padded fabric straps. Ideal for a very comfortable day to day. 

Havaianas sandals new arrivals

Sandals are always a good option for any spring or summer look, which is why the new Havaianas include new urban, feminine designs brimming with elegance without forsaking the comfort that characterises the brand’s footwear.  

Havaianas You Paraty Buckle Turtle

Comfortable and simple, this is how we could broadly define these sandals that are among this season’s new arrivals. But they are much more. Because to its simple T shape has been added a detail that gives it elegance and style, a tortoiseshell buckle. Something so small at first glance, but which makes them the perfect footwear for both a day at the beach and an evening stroll.

Havaianas Twist Metal

Think about sandals that you can wear all day, from the moment you arrive at work until meeting your friends on the way out. Sandals with a simple T-shaped model, side closure and, best of all, a dazzling geometric decoration reminiscent of a sun in the middle. Perfect for shining stylishly at any time. 

Havaianas espadrilles new arrivals

If there is one thing that’s not in doubt, it’s that espadrilles have become essential footwear for every summer as they are one of the coolest and most comfortable options, not to mention the most versatile. That’s why we couldn’t resist and have added new models and designs to the spring-summer 2024 new arrivals. 

Havaianas Origine IV Print

Espadrilles are a classic among summer footwear classics. And of course, also one of our new footwear arrivals. Havaianas Origine IV Print not only go with everything, but are also made of 41% recycled material and have a flexible and durable sole that will allow you to enjoy them as much as you want. 

Havaianas Espadrilles Mule II

Do you want a shoe that allows you to elevate any look and make it fresher and more elegant, but without forsaking comfort at all? Don’t worry! Because we thought exactly the same when working on our Havaianas Espadrilles Mule II. A versatile shoe with a textured recycled cotton upper part and a neutral colour palette to blend effortlessly into your style.

Other Havaianas footwear new arrivals for spring and summer 

Sometimes the best new arrivals are not really new. Sometimes all you need is to recover some of the most popular models from other seasons and give them a twist to bring them up to date. Would you like to see some?

Havaianas Slim Organic

We know that the first edition of our Havaianas Slim Organic, with its naturally inspired decoration along the classic Havaianas sole, won the hearts of many people. That’s why we couldn’t resist bringing them back with a brand new floral design and new colour combinations. Timeless, romantic, sophisticated… What are you waiting for to include them in your looks? 

Havaianas Slide Classic Logomania

If there is a common characteristic in all our footwear new arrivals, it is the quest for total comfort. It is precisely the comfort of our Havaianas Slide that we wanted to maintain in this new model that you cannot miss this spring-summer. Decorated with the iconic Havaianas logo, these offer you a neutral colour palette perfect for combining with any look.

Havaianas new collection: spring-summer beachwear and accessories 

Beachwear and accessories also have their place at Havaianas and its new collection. Ideal garments to create looks with which to enjoy both the beach and everyday life in the city, or experience life in other places during your travels without forsaking any comfort at all. 

How do you complete an outfit like this? With essential accessories such as fun beach bags, super light backpacks, towels, sunglasses, clutches or our classic caps to protect yourself from the sun. We bring you the latest trends, but only you can decide what the perfect combination is. 

Havaianas Cap 1962

A classic for lovers of informal looks, and for us too! Our Havaianas Cap 1962 and its vintage style are ready to protect you from the sun and add greater appeal to any look. A timeless essential that has slipped into the spring-summer 2024 new arrivals.

Havaianas Clutch

The good temperatures invite you to enjoy the outdoors both day and night. And the Havaianas Clutch is the perfect accessory to shine brightly. A bag made with 100% silicone, light and ideal for adding a touch of style to any look. You choose if you use it with its hand strap or if you prefer to hang it with its silicone chain.


Havaianas Top

17,99 €

Havaianas Brasil Logo

25,99 €

Havaianas Slim

26,99 €

Havaianas Flash Urban

21,99 €