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New from Havaianas for winter 2023

Are you one of those who, when you hear the name Havaianas, immediately think of sun, warmth and a beach to swim in? These may be our origins, but we want to be with you all year round, that’s why we want to tell you about the new Havaianas that you won’t take off even in the coldest months. Yeah, get ready for the winter Havaianas trend.

Comfort knows no season, that’s why at Havaianas we have been working for a long time to offer you the best options for winter, at least in the comfort of your home.And this one was not going to be less than the previous one. The aim? To keep you as comfortable and warm as when you go on holiday.

New shoes and winter clothes

You may not like winter. Or that the cold puts you in a bad mood. That’s why this winter at Havaianas we want to offer you the most comfortable and warmest options to keep you warm indoors too.

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of slippers so you can move around the house without worrying about the cold, or you want some comfortable clothes to avoid spending 24 hours a day in your favourite blanket, at Havaianas we have the solution this winter.

Do you want to know the new Havaianas

Havaianas Malta Cozy

One of the greatest pleasures when you get home is to take off your shoes and enjoy the comfort of a good pair of slippers. That’s probably why we often wear our famous flip-flops at home, right? But what if we told you that you can still wear them in winter without your feet freezing?

The Havaianas Malta Cozy is the perfect winter flip-flop to keep your feet warm while providing a comfortable fit. The soft synthetic fur upper is a fluffy touch for these new Havaianas that will delight comfort lovers.

Havaianas Top Fluffy

If you’re one of those people who are allergic to closed shoes when you’re at home, or if your heating allows you to keep wearing flip flops even in winter, maybe these slippers are what you’re looking for. The Havaianas Top Home Fluffy are as comfortable as our normal flip flops, but with a detail that makes them perfect for the home: their straps covered with soft fur.

Comfort and warmth come together in a pair of flip-flops that are ideal for winter and are also great fun. You can find them in plain colours as well as in two more daring animal print models.

Havaianas Velvet Slippers

What could be better than walking in comfortable, lightweight shoes? Do it in comfortable, light and warm slippers.The Havaianas Velvet Slippers are the Havaianas winter proposal so that you can enjoy the greatest comfort while you are at home. And best of all, they combine all the qualities that the perfect shoe should have without compromising on design.

The warm, fluffy plush upper and cotton lining will keep your feet warm. An ideal choice if you want a practical and cute shoe to wear around the house.

Havaianas Velvet Slippers Flatform

As with their summer version, the Havaianas Flatform Gomos have a high sole that allows the foot to be more isolated from the ground.The difference is in the upper, which this time is made of a soft plush texture that will help keep your feet warm. The cotton lining makes them even more comfortable whether worn alone or with socks underneath.

These new shoes fit the foot perfectly thanks to the elasticated heel strap, making them much easier to put on and take off. 

Havaianas Zip Top Market

I’m sure you’ve had a hard time getting rid of your Havaianas to go out in the street. How can you give up such a comfortable sole and the feeling of wearing slippers all day long? That’s why we spent some time thinking about how to help you keep enjoying that feeling even in bad weather… And the result is the Havaianas Zip Top Market.

These 2-in-1 slippers are part of our collaboration with Americana Market and will allow you to go from flip-flops to shoes in a microsecond. Just use the zip on the side to open or close the upper. The polyester upper will insulate your feet from the cold outside temperatures and inclement weather.

A new pair of Havaianas to bring comfort to your everyday life.

Havaianas Overtop Smiley

There’s nothing like putting a good face on bad weather, which is why we’ve decided to add a sweatshirt to our Havaianas winter collection that will instantly put you in a good mood. Good vibes and warmth, of course.

The Havaianas Overtop Smiley is part of the collection we have launched to celebrate Smiley’s 50th anniversary. The perfect garment to enjoy a comfortable day at home or to go to the gym and protect yourself from the cold. A way to celebrate those little moments of the day that make us smile.

Havaianas Socks Smiley

Celebrate the day with a smile, even on your feet. Havaianas Socks Smiley are, like the sweatshirt, part of our collection to commemorate fifty years of the popular smiley face. And there’s nothing happier than having your feet warm and safe from the cold with a good pair of socks under your shoes. Enjoy the comfort and warmth of this winter offering from Havaianas
Get ready for the coldest winter days with Havaianas 2023 for women and men. We’ve got a selection of foot and bodywear that will make sure you don’t freeze. Find out all the news.


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