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8 gorgeous beach outfits to shine this summer

Summer is a time when most people take the opportunity to relax, take a holiday from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the beach. It’s a time when most people focus more on relaxing than anything else. But even if your summer is going to be all about lounging by the sea, you need to find the perfect beach outfit

Because let’s face it, there’s nothing better than a few days at the beach to renew your energy and enjoy yourself. Swimming, practising some water sports or simply enjoying the evening by the sea with your friends or family. Whatever you decide to do this summer, we have decided to help you find the clothes you need to create your outfits to go to the beach without giving up a single second of comfort

Dive in with us!

The best outfits to go to the beach this summer

We can promise you that these are going to be the best beach outfits of the year. They’re going to be the best for you to enjoy yourself to the fullest without giving up your personal style

Flip-flops, sandals, bags, swimming costumes, bikinis… We’re not going to leave anything out so that you have all the options you need to shine this summer.

Beach outfits for women

If there is an all-rounder for any summer with which you can go to the beach, to eat at a beach bar or to have a drink with your friends, that is the long dress. A long, simple, flowing dress with a wide skirt like the Reveillon dress that you can combine with a pair of Havaianas Slim from our glitter collection for a stylish beach outfit.

But if you want something even more comfortable to go to the beach and take a dip every morning, you can also combine your favourite bikini with one of our shorts and finish off your beach outfit for women with our Vitamine Sun t-shirt. Because we can all use a little sun every now and then. 

Finally, if you’re looking for a more formal outfit to go for a drink at a beach bar and watch the sunset over the sea, we’ve got the perfect beach outfit for you. Pair our Hava Classic shorts with the lurex knit tank top for a great look.

Men’s beach outfits

For you, we’ll start with the basics. And our list starts with that super-easy beach outfit to go down for a dip every day. Just choose your favourite swimming costume, a t-shirt, and our classic Havaianas Brasil Logo flip-flops. It couldn’t be simpler. And it doesn’t get any more comfortable either. And if you want to protect yourself a little more, you can add one of our caps.

If what you want is something you can wear during your holidays and at the same time be practical and comfortable, we suggest you combine our Havaianas Cargo long shorts with the Havaianas Summer Club T-shirt. Once again, comfort and simplicity go hand in hand for an elegant, quick and accessible outfit. 

But if you prefer something a little more formal without going out of the beach, we think that combining the Havaianas Cargo shorts with the Havaianas Náutica Veleros T-shirt and your Havaianas Top is a winning combination.

Outfits and outfits for a party on the beach

We propose these beach outfits, so you can enjoy the best parties of the summer.

For girls, nothing better than the Havaianas lurex knit dress with silver thread that will not only make you shine under the night lights, but will also make your tanned skin stand out after a few days at the beach. Complete your beach outfit with the Havaianas Luna Premium in steel and our Havaianas Plus Glitter mini bag.

And for the boys, something very simple, but impossible to go wrong with. Enjoy your beach parties with our Havaianas linen bermuda shorts in navy blue with the Havaianas Coqueiro t-shirt and our Havaianas Slide Reloaded to stay comfortable while you give it your all on the dance floor.

It couldn’t be simpler and more comfortable!


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