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5 ideas for men’s summer outfits

Summer has many good things: better temperatures, longer days, a more relaxed atmosphere… But those higher temperatures that we love so much can be a real nuisance when it comes to deciding how to dress. We’re not going to deny it, creating a men’s summer outfit that, as well as being stylish, allows you to combat the high temperatures can be quite a challenge. 

But, in the end, there’s nothing better than a challenge to find the best men’s casual looks to enjoy a few beers with friends or a nice walk as the sun goes down.

Believe us, it’s possible to dress stylishly in summer and not die of heat in the attempt.

Effortless cool

It’s always been said that the best men’s looks are the ones that look effortless. And if they’re also stylish and appropriate for a drink with friends or a more formal date, so much the better. So we’re opting for the so-called smart casual to start with. 

The combination may seem very simple, but we promise you that it is also very effective. Let’s start with the top, simple but very effective, the Havaianas Coqueiro T-shirt in sand. To add contrast to this men’s outfit, we’ll choose the Havaianas Bermuda Linho shorts in navy blue. And to complete this outfit, the best thing to do is to add a fun and comfortable touch like the Havaianas IV Print Espadrilles.  

Versatile, elegant and, above all, comfortable.

Timeless classics

If your intention is to go to the beach to beat the heat, but you don’t want to show that you’re wearing a swimming costume, we’re going to help you find a summer outfit for men with which to be well dressed

Of course, we’ll start with the swimming costume itself. It’s best to choose a more classic one, with a length above the knee like the classic Echo swim shorts in yellow to give a cheerful note to this casual men’s outfit. To this we add a slightly simpler T-shirt like the Ipê Hummingbird T-Shirt in white. And we complete the outfit with a pair of flip-flops that will serve you both for the beach and for walking comfortably around the city, the Havaianas Stradi Slide in black.

Opt for neutrals

Whether in men’s or women’s fashion, neutral colours are always a hit. That’s why we recommend that for a good men’s casual look you should always have a pair of trousers in neutral tones around which you can build a good style with which you can enjoy any summer plan, but keep your style intact.

This summer outfit for men starts with the Havaianas Bermuda Linho shorts in a raffia tone. A neutral tone to which we’ll add colour with the Beach Like a Brazilian T-shirt in blue, which will stand out much more against the neutral base. And to give this men’s outfit a more all-terrain character that will allow you to walk around the city in the most comfortable way, we’ll opt for the Havaianas Canvas Roots Sneakers, also in blue. 

A simple but very effective summer look for men.

Super-classic with a twist

You’ve probably noticed that one of the most classic men’s summer looks is the combination of navy blue trousers or Bermuda shorts with a white shirt. But we propose you a new version of this classic with which you can get a more daring look. 

As a top for this summer outfit for men we will choose the Hava Classics tank top in white, ideal for the hottest days. As a bottom garment the choice is clear, the Linho Bermuda shorts in navy blue. The important thing here is to tuck the T-shirt into the Bermuda shorts to reveal the white drawstring detail for contrast. The outfit is completed with the Havaianas Zapatillas Canvas Brasil in white, which add a fun detail with the green and yellow stripes.

Surfer off duty

We finish our suggestions with the most casual look of all, one with which you can have a drink at your favourite beach bar and then stay for a swim. Something super comfortable, sporty and essential in a summer wardrobe

In this case, the best thing to do is to choose a pair of very functional and comfortable shorts like the Havaianas cargo long shorts in navy blue, so you can carry everything you need with you without the need for accessories. The top of this men’s outfit is the Havaianas Sport 62 T-shirt, which with its yellow lettering gives a summery touch. And as footwear the most comfortable option you could find for walking on the sand, the Havaianas Top Logomania Fashion in blue.

A look with which it’s impossible to resist the best waves on the beach.


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