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3 Spring Summer Outfits. Trends and styles for 2022

Which spring summer outfits will be a must-have this season? Which prints, colours and styles will be trending in 2022? We bring you up to date with a summary of the trends and suggest some super daring spring outfits for you to look like a real queen this season. 

What trends will be in this season? After analysing which colours have been the stars of the catwalks, the most viral combinations on Instagram, garments and accessory sizes, we bring you this express guide to the spring summer trends that will reinvent your seasonal wardrobe. 

Do you want to know how to combine your clothes to create the best spring outfits?

Trending colours

Which colours to choose for our spring and summer outfits? The star colours will be Very Pery, citrus yellow and fluorescent colours. We will also see the whole range of pinks, reds and pastels. 

What is clear is that we will not opt for the most discreet colours. We love to stand out and create super eclectic spring outfits. Our favourite? Citrus yellow, bubblegum pink and orange. 

Trendy clothes in 2022

On the clothing front, the good news is that high-waisted elephant trousers are still in use, which we love – we’re always going for comfy! 

The trouser skirts and bell-bottoms that we wore in the sixties, seventies and nineties are still in. Did you give them away or throw them away? If you’re like Diogenes, you can use them for your spring summer outfits. Touché!

You can also rescue mum’s XL blazers…and if they have shoulder pads, fringes or ruffles, all the better. Do you prefer to create more daring spring outfits at night? 

Try combining these blazers with mini skirts in all their forms or with Angelina Jolie-style catsuits – there’s no stopping you!

More things you can rescue are grandma’s crochet garments. Ask her permission to rummage through the boot of memories, dust them off and give them a new use.  If you prefer more eighties spring outfits, you’re sure to still have some satin garments in your wardrobe. 

For the more daring, transparencies will also be the ambassadors of your spring wardrobe.

Prints for this spring-summer

When it comes to prints, we’re going to make it easy for you: floral looks are still in. But you’ll have to add other prints to your outfit, such as polka dots, animal prints and geometric motifs. 

The coolest is the vertical stripe print that we’ve seen on most catwalks this season. But if we had to choose, we’d take them all. We love eclectic spring outfits that mix all kinds of styles, colours, prints and shapes. 


And speaking of styles… The 60’s are once again a must for women’s spring and summer outfits. Bring out your white boots, mini skirts, plaid prints and low rise bell bottoms

We can’t resist the charm of these garments! We can’t resist the style of the 2000s either, with baguette polo shirts, babydoll dresses, low rise trousers, ribbed crop tops and edgy ankle boots. 

I’m sure you still have a piece of clothing from that era! Or an accessory that we all bought at the time, like the Spice Girls’ Gary choker. 

For lovers of bohemian styles, the New Age style is going to be another must of the season. Mixing prints, colours and garments inspired by the sixties and later decades, our wardrobe will look like Brigitte Bardot’s in a modern spiritual version.  

Well, that’s it, do you want to see what spring summer outfits we’ve selected for you? 

Check out these 3 spring-summer outfits

We have to admit it. Of all the trends we’ve seen, we’re sticking to the most colourful, extravagant and eye-catching to create our spring summer outfits

We love fluorescent colours, animal prints, XXL sizes and the mix of sixties and New Age styles. Do you want to see what selection of garments we bring you to create the coolest spring summer outfits?

Outfit 1: Spring alters the blood

It’s just what we want. To get everyone’s blood pumping. That’s why we’re going to add a lot of colour and sixties style to our spring outfit.

The first star piece will be this multicoloured knotted bikini, which we’ll combine with a vintage-style fluorescent green T-shirt.

summer bikini outfit
green t-shirt spring look

We have to admit that we love the surfer style of the sixties! But with a classic eighties touch: combine them with Cateye glasses.

What else is missing at this pool party? A pair of fluorescent sandals to contrast with the golden tan we’re starting to show off, and a mat.

Havaianas cat eye sunglasses
Havaianas St Troppez

For the record, we’re not just here to shine, we also want to enjoy the water, the sun and the good vibes. And when night falls, we’ll pull out that pair of animal print socks from our handbag and wrap them around those feline feet. 

Outfit 2: To show off at the next Ecstatic Dance

New Age is going strong, and we love the bohemian hippy style of the sixties. 

So, this time we’re going for the crochet crop top we stole from our mother, paired with these ultra-feminine purple trousers and that XXL jacket we’ve had abandoned since the 2000s.

We always love to give a feminist and vindicative touch to our spring outfits.

havaianas purple pants
Havaianas You Malta sandals ideal for summer

The final bet will be for the comfortable, versatile and quick-drying. These You Malta sandals are perfect for a day at the beach. 

They’re available in citrus orange so that when the night comes, you’ll be dancing an ecstatic dance around the bonfire. If you still don’t think they’re hippie enough, try the effect of these espadrilles.

Summer Outfit 3. Rebellious eclectic by day and night

If there’s one thing we like, it’s combining prints, colours and shapes. And to do it the way we want. Because being rebellious and cheeky is this season’s must. Join the revolution of T-shirts with a message combined with oversize jeans.

Havaianas summer look t-shirt
Animal print Havaianas t-shirt

Go for animal print prints on everything you can: from T-shirts to flip-flops.

This season the maxim “less is more” will not be enough. Combine your outfit with an XXL blazer and a yellow bag to match your sandals. Shine by day and by night my dear!


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