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Activities for children to enjoy the summer

Summer is here! Goodbye classes, goodbye schools, hello holidays! But it also means having the little ones at home all day long. A situation that can become very difficult to handle when they start to get bored because they have too much free time

So what can you do with the little ones so that they can have fun while you carry on with your day to day life? Even better, what summer activities for kids can you do together? We’re going to suggest a few options to make this summer with the kids much more fun, whatever their age.

Delicious homemade ice cream

What could be better to beat the heat than a delicious ice cream to cool you down? Yes, we know that nothing equals swimming pools and beaches and that the kids can’t wait to wear their new Havaianas. But if you still can’t get out of the city, you’re sure they’ll love making these ice creams. 

Activities for children don’t always have to involve physical exercise. All you have to do is set aside an afternoon (or a morning) to get to work in the kitchen. The Internet is full of recipes for homemade ice cream, but you won’t need many ingredients for this. Your favourite fruits, some moulds, maybe a little sweetener and some water or yoghurt. 

Oh, and a bit of patience to wait for them to cool completely before tasting them.

Camping without leaving home

If you don’t have the chance to get out of town this summer, or if you’ve run out of ideas for summer activities for kids, we’re sure they’ll love this one. Does your house have a terrace, garden or rooftop? Why not go camping outdoors without leaving the house?

Summer night-time temperatures are very pleasant, and children will love to have a little adventure without leaving the comfort of home. Help them by setting up a nice campsite with lanterns or strips of lights, set up tents with sheets (or put up your own tents if you have them), and even tell scary or funny stories to have a great time together!

Everyone into the water! 

Because what could be better to combat the high temperatures and the summer boredom of the little ones than a visit to a water park? Because when the temperatures get really hot, a good dip in the water is a welcome treat. But if it’s with a little extra fun, all the better!

Involve the children in the preparation of this special day. Find together the nearest water park or the one you like the most, make sure you have everything you need, look for safe flip-flops for them like the Havaianas Clogs… In short, have everything ready for one of the most fun summer activities for children and the one they will remember the most in the years to come. 

Because, let’s face it, who can resist sliding down a water slide or swimming in a wave pool?

Let’s read!

If you prefer activities for children that are more relaxed, helping them to familiarise themselves with reading can be a great plan. During the summer there are many beaches that have mobile libraries, so it can be a good idea to get them to wear their Havaianas Top and accompany them to find a book, audiobook or magazine that they might like and read while you’re on the beach.

Of course, you can also do it in the city and, while you’re at it, take a walk to your nearest library. Many reading lovers have started this way, who knows if your little ones will become one of them?

Discover nature together

We all know that children have a looooot of energy and that finding activities for children that help them to tire themselves out is often a headache for many parents. But there is a good way to keep them active, discover their environment and, at the same time, develop better psychomotor skills: a good walk!There are probably some easy hiking trails near where you live that you can do with the kids. A good way to pass the time, discover the wonders that nature has to offer and learn a little more about the environment. It’s also an ideal option for children to become aware of the importance of respecting and caring for the environment.


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