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10 Oufits for Travel

Vacation time has arrived, and with it comes the time to travel. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to reach your destination by boat, plane, bus, or your own car. What’s truly important is that whether the distance between you and your vacation destination is long or short, you make the journey as comfortable as possible.

Finding the perfect travel outfit may not be easy. Or rather, it depends on what each of us understands by “comfortable” based on our experience or the temperature. So, to save you time and let you dream of your perfect vacation, we’ll give you some ideas for travel outfits.

Jeans + Knitwear

As we’ve already mentioned, one of the main things to consider when planning your travel outfit is comfort. That’s why we think that combining wide-leg or baggy jeans with a knitted sweater can be a great option, especially for long trips.

Shorts and T-shirt

Another great option if you’re traveling to a warm destination or during the summer, especially for an airplane travel outfit, is to go for trendy shorts. For example, Havaianas Linen Knot Shorts combined with a comfortable shirt or t-shirt to make the journey as comfortable as possible.

Men’s Tracksuits

Guys also deserve to be comfortable when facing a trip to enjoy their vacation. Whether they’re driving for hours or just want to be as comfortable as possible while taking a nap on the plane. But what would be a good travel outfit for men? Undoubtedly, one of the tracksuits that can be found on our website, such as the Rainbow Eco tracksuit.

Pajama-style Set

For those who want to mix trend and comfort, choosing a pajama-style set can be a great option. Not only is it perfect for traveling in any type of transportation due to its comfort, but it also allows you to do it with a lot of style and trendsetting

Ready for the Beach

Perhaps your idea is to choose a travel outfit that allows you to go directly from the plane or car to the beach for your first swim. Men and women can opt for a very simple combination, a comfortable t-shirt like those you can find in our beachwear collection, and some shorts. Above all, don’t forget to bring your swimsuit!

Total Look with Footwear

One of the main keys to making your travel outfit a success is to choose comfortable footwear. And there’s nothing more uncomfortable than traveling with shoes that hurt your feet. Combine a short or long summer-style dress, a hat, and your favourite flip flops for a total look that will get your vacation off on the right foot.

More Formal Outfit

You may need to choose a more formal travel outfit to attend a meeting or special event as soon as you arrive at your destination. In that case, both men and women can opt for comfortable-cut jeans, a t-shirt like those you can find on our website, and a blazer that adds the formality you need for the occasion. A tip: if you’re traveling in the summer, it’s best to choose your blazer in a lighter fabric such as linen.

All in the dark

Sometimes it’s not so important which style you choose for your travel outfit, but the colours you go for. A combination that always works is choosing clothes in dark tones. This way, you’ll look more put together and it will keep you safe from possible marks that could be left on lighter clothes from rubbing during the trip.

Casual or chic?

Did you know that culotte pants are one of the most versatile options to create outfits for traveling? Combined with a t-shirt and sandals, you can achieve a casual look for a day of travel, while combining them with wedges and a blouse will give you a more chic look.

Travel outfit starting from the feet

Good shoes can be the key to a good travel outfit, and mules can add a lot of style to any combination you choose. You can go for suede, denim, or linen ones and pair them with midi or long dresses, or with comfortable wide-leg pants and a blouse.


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