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Autumn 2022 trends: what colours to wear?

Summer is over and, with it, the good weather. It’s time to say goodbye to our summer clothes and get ready for autumn season. But, although the rest of the world is already missing the heat, we know that you want to know the autumn colours that will be on trend this season and, above all, how to combine them.

That’s why we’ve prepared this article in which we’ll give you the keys to combine the trendiest fashion colours with your favourite Havaianas.

What autumn colours to wear this 2022?

As every season, fashion catwalks give us clues about the colours that are going to be on trend and for this fall, designers have taken Pantone’s indications as real guidelines, creating the most vibrant and colourful styles such as “Barbie” pink, electric blue or “Vitamin” orange.

This season, dopamine fashion is back with us. Grab a pen and paper to take note of the colours that will be in fashion this autumn/winter:

Electric blue

We are abandoning the classic navy blue and are making way for more intense blue tones this winter. Make room in your wardrobe because they will be a basic that you won’t be able to separate yourself from. The Havaianas Slide Classic are the perfect pair to follow this trend.

“Pink PP”

Mattel’s most famous doll has influenced fashion so much that it has a colour inspired by her, as it was the famous designer Valentino, together with Pantone, who designed an intense pink colour which he named Pink PP in honour of Barbie. This autumn it will be one of the colours we will see most often, for example, in the Havaianas Velvet Slippers.

Passion red 

Red colour is a wardrobe basic that accompanies us every season. This autumn, the brightest shades stand out, such as passion red or cherry red. However, the elegant maroon tone will be with us this season, in which we will find clothes in this colour.

Mustard yellow

To bring a warm touch to autumn, mustard yellow is here. As well as being worn with more classic tones such as brown, mustard yellow goes perfectly with blue tones, such as the electric blue mentioned above.

Vitamin orange

Orange, the colour of summer, is here to stay and continues to be one of the trendiest colours this autumn. Add a little extra vitamin to your wardrobe with a pair of Havaianas You St Tropez sandals.

That doesn’t mean that the rest of the colours are out of play, but rather that this chromatic range represents a conceptual starting point in which the rest of the colours can be combined.

What clothes to wear with this autumn’s trend colours

Although it’s true that when we think of Havaianas, the first thing that comes to mind is summer, the truth is that this practical footwear has been making its way into our autumn wardrobes for some time now. It was the Danish women who were the first to dare to take these wonderful flip-flops out of context, but today, the fashion world has glady adopted this new effortless look. Let the ankle boots tremble!

Which Havaianas to wear in autumn?

There are new Havaianas models designed especially for winter, which, due to their warm fabrics, can be a great option for this autumn too.

Havaianas Top Fluffy

We’re talking about the Top Fluffy, a pair of classic Havaianas flip-flops covered with a wonderful and very warm faux fur with which you’ll be super comfortable and fashionable. Furthermore, you can find them in 5 different colours, which you will be able to match to perfection with this autumn’s trend colours.

Havaianas Alpargatas Mule

Espadrilles are another option to wear this autumn. You can combine the comfort of espadrilles like the Havaianas Espadrille Mule, which you’ll find in this autumn’s trend colours, with some fun patterned socks.

Havaianas Slide Classic 

Luckily, within the Havaianas catalogue you can find the Havaianas Slide Classic, whose available colours perfectly follow the fashion trends for this autumn. From bubblegum pink, through black, to the more understated olive green or electric oranges.

Combine your favourite shoes with culotte pants, oversized t-shirts or a sweatshirt and trouser tracksuit set to bring street style to its maximum potential.

What clothes can I combine my Havaianas with?

As we’ve already seen, in terms of colours, Havaianas meet the fashion requirements for this autumn. However, dressing fashionably is not only about wearing clothes depending on their colour. That’s why we’re going to find out which clothes you can match your Havaianas with:

  • Wide trousers and sleeveless top: The tank top and loose trousers have already become a classic. During the autumn we can keep this outfit both cool and formal, with which we can adapt to any situation with the certainty of not being out of place. While the more classic black and white style will ensure your success, you might want to opt for one of this autumn’s star colours and wear it with your colourful Havaianas.
  • Knit jumper and matching trousers: This classic outfit only needs chromatic harmony to make you the queen of autumn. If you go for deep maroon, you’ve already won. Go for bubblegum pink and you risk being mobbed by the paparazzi.
  • Long dresses: The longer the better. But be careful, don’t trip yourself up. For daytime you can always choose warmer colours, trying to maintain a chromatic unity. In the evening, we recommend electric colours. Always matching your Havaianas.
  • With a jumpsuit: The jumpsuit is an essential for the in-between seasons. It’s more conservative versions, in brown or olive green, will ensure an outfit in keeping with the season. But do you dare to try a jumpsuit in tangerine orange? Brighten autumn days with confidence and comfort, and finish your outfit with your favourite Havaianas.


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