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Valentine’s Day Plans 2023

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, or at least the day where we publicly show our romance with our partner. This celebration tests our ability to reinvent ourselves with the intention of surprising the person we love the most, searching for the plan or gift that they would like the most.

We won’t deny that there are times when, no matter how many turns we give our heads, we don’t find that romantic Valentine’s Day plan that would make this day an unforgettable one for our partner. So we’ve decided to help you out and propose some Valentine’s Day plans for you to pamper your partner on this special day.

Breakfast in bed

Let’s start with a timeless classic, breakfast in bed. This is one of the most special gestures you can have with your partner. Order a delicious breakfast and indulge yourselves by tasting it in bed instead of the typical coffee that you rush through most days.

An idea? Make this Valentine’s Day plan even more romantic by preparing breakfast yourself. You can make simple avocado and salmon toast, or get your hands dirty and prepare a cake, muffins, or even cinnamon rolls.

Romantic movie marathon

If you are a movie-loving couple who also enjoy staying at home in each other’s company, this can be a perfect plan. Make a selection of your favorite romantic movies, look for ones you haven’t seen yet or make a selection of the most important romantic movies of each era.

To round out this romantic Valentine’s Day plan, you can buy a whole selection of appetizers (both healthy and not so healthy) and prepare some cocktails or a dessert to sweeten things up. Additionally, you can be super comfortable with warm slippers like the Havaianas Malta Cozy.

Trip to the City of Love

Paris has always been known as the “City of Love,” and if you’ve been considering visiting for a while, perhaps now is the perfect moment. The atmosphere in Paris in winter is very special and this is a great opportunity to visit its historic streets and boulevards to go on a romantic trip with your partner and be soaked in the Parisian spirit.

In addition, you can share a romantic evening in any of the beautiful cafes that can be found in areas we have seen in the movies such as the Montmartre neighbourhood.

Spa as a couple

Maybe the hustle and bustle of everyday life makes you want to do anything but plan something for Valentine’s Day. But what if you opted for a Valentine’s Day plan that would help you both relax and spend some time alone? Surprise your partner by packing a bag with everything you need (don’t forget some comfortable flip-flops like the Havaianas Slim) and organise a day at that spa you’ve been wanting to visit for a while.

Whether you choose to do a normal spa circuit or, in addition, enjoy an extra treatment or a couple’s massage, it will be an unforgettable day. Round off this special date with an aperitif or drinks on the way out and you’ll go home feeling as good as new.

Wine or chocolate tasting

Flowers, sweets, trips… Maybe all these ideas and plans seem too old-fashioned for you to opt for them this year. Are there any more romantic Valentine’s Day plans to make? Of course there are! For example, if you are both wine and chocolate lovers, you can spend this special day enjoying a tasting together.

Many places offer tastings of both to learn how to pair them and enjoy them even more. A fun and different idea to make this day a little sweeter while you toast to your love.

Volunteer together

We all have concerns and causes that we are more sensitive to, and you probably share some or many of the same ones as your partner. One way to make this day much more special is to do a day of volunteering as a couple

Do you remember the cause that most concerns your partner? Contact an association that works for their benefit and ask about the possibilities of doing an activity like this. Your partner will not only be happy to be able to help a cause he or she cares about, but also to be able to count on you. And who knows, maybe a relationship with the association will grow out of that one day, just as long-lasting as yours.

Plan without a plan

You know how sometimes the best plans are the ones you don’t make? What if you did that this Valentine’s Day? Take the day off or wait until the weekend and do whatever you want to do then. Get up late, stay in your city and be a tourist for a day. Enjoy that new bar you’ve been wanting to try for a long time?

You can also take the car without a fixed destination, just the road and you, and stop in towns or places that catch your attention. Eat somewhere you don’t know yet, or just buy some sandwiches and continue on your way. This is a good way to spend time together on this special day and an opportunity to talk about yourselves, your future, your favourite music… In short, whatever you want.


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