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Slippers for home: Everything you need to know

There is nothing better than coming home after a long, busy day and kicking off your shoes. That feeling of unparalleled liberation makes you feel so much better immediately, just like when you put on your comfy clothes and sit down on the sofa to enjoy a series or a movie.

But it’s also true that this isn’t always possible: can you imagine doing the same at home during the winter when it’s cold? That’s why, even if you love the sensation of feeling the ground under your feet, the best thing to do is to always have slippers that are just as comfortable or even more comfortable than if you were barefoot all day long.

Slippers have already become an essential in most people’s homes, so it is becoming even easier to find all kinds of slippers that adapt perfectly to the needs of your feet to provide you with the best comfort and rest.

What are house slippers?

House slippers of the type we wear today are the oldest type of shoe that can be found in history. In fact, the oldest pair of this type of slipper dates back to prehistoric times, 10,000 years ago, is made of fabric and was tied to the foot due to its lack of structure. Of course, the uses were not the same.

And while a more modern type of slipper similar to today’s can be found in Vietnam as far back as the 12th century, it was not until the 15th century that the most modern slippers were seen in the West.

If there is one thing that all slippers throughout history have in common, it is that they provide warmth and comfort to the user, improving their stride and keeping the foot at the right temperature. In addition, they are usually made of soft and lighter materials than those used to manufacture any type of shoe that is used outdoors, such as microfibre.

The best thing about this type of trainers is the great variety of models that can be found and that adapt to the personal tastes of each one:

  • Boot style. 
  • Moccasin style.
  • Sandal style.
  • Completely closed.
  • Babouche style.

All you need to do is choose the one you are most comfortable with and use them in your day-to-day life.

What are slippers used for?

As we have already said, slippers are the quintessential indoor footwear. They are an element that can help us to disconnect and distinguish the relaxation of the home from the hustle and bustle of the outdoors. This footwear is made for the feet to rest, choosing flexible and soft materials that provide greater comfort.

And as we have also mentioned, they are a must for the home in the colder seasons. Not only will they prevent that unpleasant cold feeling in your feet, but they will also help you avoid uncomfortable colds.

Another of the functions of slippers is to contribute to the cleanliness of the home. If you change your shoes for your slippers when you enter the house from the street, you will save a lot of cleaning time and you will prevent external agents from soiling and contaminating the inside of your home.

Besides, have you ever walked barefoot through a room at home and bumped into a piece of furniture? It’s probably one of the most unpleasant accidents. A type of accident that wearing slippers around the house can protect you from.

Why are they called slippers?

The word slipper has its origins in France and is a very extravagant type of slipper similar to a clog that used to be worn. These slippers allowed the front part of the foot to be fully supported and were very light, very similar to the slippers we know today.

The original French word is pantoufle, formed from the root pat (or paw) and the suffix -oufle which is also found in the word manoufle (glove), which makes it clear that this type of footwear has to be, first and foremost, comfortable.

The best slippers for your feet at home

Yes, comfort has to be the priority when it comes to finding the perfect house slippers. But we are going to mention what, at least for us, are the most essential qualities that the perfect slipper must have.

  • They should be closed, but not tight.
  • They do not have to be completely flat, a slight slope is best to provide adequate cushioning.
  • The texture of the sole should be comfortable and resistant.
  • If they are anti-slip, it is better, such as those with rubber rubber bands.
  • If you don’t want marks on the floor, opt for those with microporous rubber soles.
  • The fabric they are made of should be adapted to the season: if they are made for the winter, the best fabrics are resistant and warm, such as suede; for the summer, the best are canvas with antiperspirant lining.

We have prepared a selection of slippers to be at home, which we present to you below:

Havaianas Malta Cozy

The Havaianas Malta Cozy are perfect for keeping you comfortable and stylish throughout the winter. Not only are they as warm as you’d expect from a winter slipper, but the fluffy touch of the strap adds softness and the rubber sole will make your steps much more comfortable and secure.

Havaianas Top Home Fluffy

If you’re one of those people who get overwhelmed by fully enclosed slippers in the winter months, the Havaianas Top Home Fluffy are your best option. They have the shape of a normal flip flop but their straps are made of plush fabric to help you keep your feet warm. Their rubber sole is sure to be familiar to you, because it’s the same as our classic summer Havaianas.

Havaianas Slim Flatform Sparkle

If you’re looking for a comfortable, yet stylish slipper for when the weather gets warmer, you’ll love the Havaianas Slim Flatform Sparkle. They’re the classic Havaianas with a 2.5-inch rubber sole, but their straps and side soles are covered in glitter. Because even indoors it’s possible to sparkle.

Havaianas Slides Classic 

Classics never fail and if they don’t, just look at the Havaianas Slides Classic. These slippers with a simple and versatile design have a 100% rubber sole that is completely slip-resistant to prevent slipping. The PVC upper makes them one of the most resistant options. The cushioned insole and easy cleanability are the icing on the cake for a perfect choice.

Havaianas Smiley 2

And what better way to do it than with a pair of super-comfortable slippers that will bring a smile back to your face? The Havaianas Smiley 2 are part of the collection that commemorates Smiley’s 50th anniversary and are a great option for walking comfortably indoors on the hottest days.


Havaianas Top

17,99 €

Havaianas Brasil Logo

25,99 €

Havaianas Slim

26,99 €

Havaianas Flash Urban

21,99 €