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5 Places to Go on Holiday in September

There are those who spend the whole year thinking about summer, its characteristic good weather, and, above all, the eagerly anticipated holidays. However, despite traditionally associating holidays with the hottest months of summer like July and August, the reality is that holidays in September are gathering more and more fans.

Consider this, taking your holidays in September will not only allow you to enjoy your chosen destination for your days of rest in a much more comfortable way, but you will also be able to fully enjoy the same destination while spending a considerably smaller amount of money. Just the span of a month can make a difference in both your enjoyment and your wallet.

That’s why we’re going to give you some suggestions for where to go on holiday in September. Are you up for this trend

H2 Marrakech

Marrakech is one of those nearby destinations perfect for a September holiday. The temperatures during the day are warm but much more pleasant than in previous months, and the nights are mild, perfect for resting comfortably.

Travelling to Marrakech in September means bidding farewell to the summer crowds and being able to enjoy at your own pace one of the most vibrant cities in Morocco. Experience Moroccan culture firsthand, visit its souks, explore the Yamaa el Fna square, which is an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and you can’t miss the visit to the Koutoubia Mosque. Just make sure not to forget to bring along comfortable footwear like Havaianas Alpargatas IV.

And if you’re a fan of festivals, you’re in luck. At the end of September, the Oasis Festival takes place, featuring a strong international presence of DJs and also showcasing contemporary art, fashion, and North African cuisine.

H2 Sicily

Italy is one of the preferred summer destinations for much of the world. However, if you want to enjoy the spectacular Sicilian beaches and resorts in a much quieter way, September is your month. Furthermore, travel is more budget-friendly in September, so you’ll combine tranquillity and savings.

Temperatures in Sicily in September are still quite high, but much more moderate than in the months of July and August, making beach days or exploring its historic corners less stifling. Nonetheless, don’t forget to pack flip-flops like Havaianas Top.

But if you’re not into the beach scene and prefer something more cultural, you’ll love exploring cities like Palermo and Cefalù in Sicily, where you can visit some of the most impressive archaeological remains from the Greek and Roman eras. Without a doubt, Sicily is one of the best places to go on holiday in September.

H2 Madeira

You don’t need to go far to enjoy a great paradise like Madeira. This island in the Portuguese Azores archipelago can boast the nickname “Island of Spring” due to its pleasant and almost perpetual temperatures, making a holiday in September a smart choice.

The island of Madeira is known not only for its golden sandy beaches but also for its ideal diving waters, golf courses, and spectacular landscapes perfect for hiking and mountain biking trails. If you’re into any of these sports, make sure to bring a comfortable backpack with good capacity, like the Havaianas Colours Backpack.

And if you’re a wine lover, you’re in luck, as the Wine Festival takes place during the month of September, where you can taste locally produced wines and witness the grape harvesting and stomping process.

H2 Canary Islands

It’s well known that the Canary Islands are among the particular paradises one can find in Spain. Taking a holiday in September in this archipelago is a fantastic idea. It’s an opportunity to continue enjoying pleasant daytime and nighttime temperatures while avoiding putting too much strain on your wallet.

The best thing about the Canary Islands? You have eight completely different islands to choose from. Although we have to tell you that in most of them, you can find everything: beaches, forests, mountains for hiking and climbing, diving areas, areas rich in history, and even UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

All you need to visit the Canary Islands in September is to decide what type of vacation you want: relaxed, active, and more. Moreover, the archipelago also offers great options for the little ones, including one of the world’s best water parks. So leaving behind Havaianas Kids Max Herois is not an option.


Ibiza is synonymous with summer, parties, and some of the best sunsets in the country. However, it’s often associated with exorbitant prices due to the massive tourism it attracts. That’s precisely what makes it an ideal destination for a September holiday.

Bid farewell to the crowds in its beautiful coves, beach bars, and hiking trails to discover the deeper side of Ibiza. This is one of the most budget-friendly trips in September and also one of the most enviable.

Furthermore, September is the month when the best DJs bid farewell to the season, so you can be assured of good music and a party atmosphere.

Pack your suitcase and enjoy!


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