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Which are the best beaches in the Mediterranean?

Who hasn’t dreamed of bathing on the most distinguished shores of one of the most important seas in history. The Mediterranean Sea holds well-hidden secrets. 

Today we want to focus on its most emblematic spots, making a list of the best beaches in the Mediterranean where you can enjoy incredible landscapes and waters.

Get your towel, your sunglasses and your favourite flip-flops or sandals ready!

1- Shipwreck Beach (Greece)

We begin our Mediterranean list with one of the most scenic beaches of all. This is Shipwreck Beach, on the island of Zakynthos, one of the best beaches in Greece.

Its name comes from the fact that a ship called Panagiotis was shipwrecked there in the last century, known for being a ship that normally carried contraband alcohol and cigarettes.

The postcard today with the ship perfectly framed in the middle of the beach and surrounded by cliffs is incredible. To access the turquoise waters and white sand of this beautiful beach, we have to do it by sea, as there is no road leading to the beach.

2- La Pelosa Beach (Italy)

And if before the main protagonist was a ship, this time the protagonist is an Aragonese tower that dates back to the 16th century.

It is located on an islet in front of the Pelosa beach, in Sardinia, which is the beach we are talking about.

Undoubtedly, its multicoloured waters and white sand are a unique attraction. It is the most visited tourist attraction on the Italian island. So much so that the authorities had to put a limit on its capacity, as the influx of people caused the natural environment to deteriorate. Currently, only 1,500 bathers can access this paradise on earth every day.

 3- Playa de los Muertos (Spain)

Our first Spanish foray into the list of the best beaches in the Mediterranean is in the province of Almería. Just 5 kilometres from the town of Carboneras is the beach of the dead. It was so called because the currents that passed through it used to carry the corpses of shipwrecks to it.

Today there is no need to worry, as this beach, which is more than 1 kilometre long, is truly impressive. Its crystal-clear waters contrast with the small pebbles that make up the shore, and snorkelling in its waters is a real delight.

Located in the natural park of Cabo de Gata, to reach it we must take a short 15-minute walk. Once there, we must know that the beach does not have any services, so we will have to go with everything we need and return with all the waste we have generated.

4- The Blue Lagoon (Malta)

More than just a beach, this time we want to take you to several of them in Malta. The Blue Lagoon area, between the island of Comino and the islet of Cominotto, has small sandbanks mixed with rocky areas from where you can go directly to the sea.

The turquoise and crystalline water is located in a unique environment, where you can practise scuba diving at its best.

There are also small beach bars where you can refresh yourself with a drink or cocktail. Grab your flip-flops and your backpack or beach bag and head to the beach bar to enjoy a wonderful day on one of Malta’s best beaches.

5- Pampelonne beach (France)

Between Marseille and Nice, just 5 kilometres from luxurious Saint-Tropez, lies Pampelonne beach.

Its fine white sand is perfect for lounging on a towel, soaking up the sun’s rays and occasionally wading in the crystal-clear waters.

Being surrounded by small mountains, the wind is almost non-existent, so we’ll always have calm waters perfect for a swim.

With a length of 6 kilometres, we have plenty of space to plant our parasol. In addition, behind us we have a promenade where we have all the necessary services.

In Havaianas we have different models of sandals inspired by St-Tropez.

6-  Ses Illetes beach (Spain)

We could not leave our beautiful Mediterranean islands out of this list. The Balearics are home to some of the best beaches in Spain.

This time we go to Formentera, home to one of the islands’ most iconic stretches of coastline.

This is Ses Illetes beach, located in the Ses Salines d’Eivissa and Formentera Natural Park. On its 450 metres of beach we can relax lying on fine white sand that gives the water turquoise colours only available in this area of the Mediterranean.

Its location in Formentera is to the north, on what is known as the peninsula of es Truncadors, which in this area is only 59 metres wide.

The name of the beach comes from the small islets in the vicinity, which make the landscape spectacular.

It has different services and entrance walkways that try to preserve the natural environment in which the beach is located. 

We must bear in mind that to enter the natural park in which the beach is integrated we will also have to pay a small amount of money, with which we will be helping to conserve this magnificent beach.

If you like to collaborate with the care of the planet, at Havaianas we have different initiatives aimed at improving the conservation of the planet. Check out our IPE flip flops that promote social and environmental responsibility and the Havaianas Conservation International (CI) collection.

7-  Porto Istana Beach (Italy)

We return to Sardinia to discover another of its “top” beaches. The turquoise waters and soft sand that make up the beach make Porto Istana one of the most beautiful in Italy.

It is located in the northeast of the island, very close to the city of Olbia. From here, the beach is only 19 minutes away by car.

The bay of Porto Istana means that the waters are always calm, and we can enjoy a landscape in which the vegetation seems to want to enter the sea.

We are also the ones who can enter, with diving goggles, to get to know the marine life of this beautiful spot, full of colour and different types of fish.

The beach has a multitude of services, including several bars where we can have lunch or a refreshing drink to combat the heat.

Sun loungers and umbrellas are also available, as well as toilets and showers, making it a perfect beach to visit with children.

8- Santa Giulia Beach (France)

Sardinia’s French neighbour, Corsica, also has some exquisite beaches. The best example is the beach of Santa Giulia, located in the southeast of the island, very close to the town of Porto Vecchio.

Its position on the map, next to the gulf of Santa Giulia, makes this beach a place of calm, blue waters that can be enjoyed all year round. The white sand stretches for almost 1 kilometre in length, so finding a spot will not be difficult. 

Another of its most special characteristics is that the water barely covers the beach, even if we go several metres from the shore.

It also has a large number of services, making it perfect for the youngest members of the family.

As if that were not enough, it is also possible to practise different water sports such as windsurfing, diving, sailing, snorkelling and paddle surfing.

9- Balos Lagoon (Greece)

We return to Greece to discover another of its emblematic beaches. This time we travel to the island of Crete, where we find the beach or lagoon of Balos.

Located in the west of the island, the closest town to Balos beach is Kissamos. We are in a natural park, so we will have to remember to preserve this place.

On its white sand we can enjoy the scenery, because the beach is located between the capes of Gramvousa and Tigali, forming a rather curious geographical phenomenon.

Its waters are shallow, and the most distinguished fauna of the place, the Caretta Caretta turtle, comes to them. Monk seals also make an appearance near Balos from time to time.

More than just a beach to relax and swim at, it is a beach to be enjoyed for its beautiful scenery. It is definitely a must-visit if you visit the island of Crete.

10- Zlatni Rat Beach (Croatia)

We finish our list by visiting Croatia, where it is one of the most curious beaches in the Mediterranean.  This is due to its shape, which has earned it the nickname of “Golden Horn”, as the beach has a very pronounced pointed shape.

It is located on the southern coast of the island of Brac, very close to the town of Bol. It is composed of small white stones that make the water crystal clear and turquoise, leaving an incredible landscape together with the vegetation that seems to want to go all the way to the end of the “horn”.

It has plenty of services, so it is a perfect beach to visit without many worries. With this beautiful Croatian beach we end our list, which we hope you will be able to see in person sometime.


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