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European lakes: what are the best lakes to visit in Europe?

The beach is the destination of choice for a large part of the population for summer holidays. The contact with the sea and the possibility of swimming are the main reasons why people choose coastal destinations for a few days of relaxation. But what if next time you chose the coast that borders one of the most important European lakes?

Here are some of Europe’s best-known lakes. Who knows, maybe one of them will become your next destination for a unique holiday.

Loch Ness (Scotland, UK)

Let’s start with one of Europe’s most famous lochs, Loch Ness. Yes, you may know it thanks to the legend of its elusive monster, but the truth is that it stands out for its almost magical atmosphere. It’s also a tranquil enclave where you can enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities, especially in good weather. 

What if you were to meet Nessie while water skiing?

Lake Como (Italy)

One of the most famous European lakes and also the third largest in Italy. At the foot of the snow-capped Alps, this large lake is surrounded by adorable postcard-perfect villages and luxury villas. 

On Lake Como you can enjoy activities such as cycling, cycling along the shores, boating or more adventurous activities such as paragliding and windsurfing. You can even visit one of the spas in the hotels in the area, so don’t forget your flip-flops. You can also enjoy the more cultural side of things by visiting the museums in the area.

Lake Constance (Germany)

If your holiday destination is Germany, you might like to visit Lake Constance, the largest lake in the country and considered one of the most important European lakes. It is located on the border between Germany, Switzerland and Austria and offers a wide range of water sports. 

On its shores you can visit small towns such as Konstanz, Mainau and Lindau, enjoying charming landscapes and beaches, but also vineyards and meadows for a day in the countryside. A picturesque and fascinating place.

Lake Annecy (France)

Lake Annecy is one of the most touristy lakes in Europe, but also one of the most magical and relaxing. It is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, and a delight for those who want to enjoy the crystal clear waters. It is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and the town of Annecy, after which it is named, is known as the Venice of the Alps.

In the surroundings of Lake Annecy you can go boating or cycling, visit a spa or enjoy its well-known thermal waters. A great plan for which you can’t forget your flip-flops if your priority is to return home super relaxed.

Lake Hallstat (Austria)

This Austrian lake is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its surroundings have been inhabited since the Iron Age. In its surroundings we find numerous traces of history such as St. Michael’s Chapel, which has 600 artistically painted skulls. For this reason, as well as for its waters, this European lake has always been a popular tourist destination in Austria. 

It is an ideal place for those looking to enjoy the great outdoors and spectacular views. Take a rest in one of its charming cafés after a day of hiking, cycling or an afternoon of paddling.

Plitvice Lake (Croatia)

Plitvice Lake in Croatia is the largest and oldest National Park in Croatia. It consists of 16 lakes interconnected by waterfalls that you cannot miss if you visit Croatia. 

Those who know it say that the best time to visit is in autumn, but it is an impressive place at any time of the year. There are eight different hiking trails in the area, and you can also enjoy boat rides on the lakes.

Lake Garda (Italy)

Near Milan is Lake Garda, one of the most beautiful European lakes and the largest in Italy. It is so large that it looks like a calm sea in the middle of the mountains. For centuries it has been a favourite destination for the aristocracy, but also for poets and writers.

Its surroundings full of olive, lemon, orange and cypress trees invite you to lose yourself in a stroll. Moreover, its coastline is dotted with picturesque medieval villages such as Sirmione or Limone Sul Garda.

Covadonga Lakes

In Spain we can also boast of having some of the most important European lakes, or rather, a sanctuary of lakes, such as the Covadonga lakes, at an altitude of 1000 metres. The largest of them all is the lake of Enol, but all of them are surrounded by meadows and animals, as well as by the mountains of the Picos de Europa. A peaceful refuge in the heart of the mountains for those who want absolute disconnection.

Lake Ohrid (Macedonia)

It is not the largest lake in Europe, but it is the deepest. Lake Ohrid is located in Macedonia and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as a quiet holiday destination for friends and families. With clear waters and surrounded by mountains, its shores are lined with villages of diverse influences. 

A perfect place to enjoy activities such as cycling, hiking or visiting places like Svetei Jovan Kaneo, a church that faces the lake and from which you can take spectacular snapshots.

Lake Sognefjord (Norway)

Lake Sognefjord is known as the King of the Fjords and one of the most beautiful places in Norway. With a breathtaking natural beauty that seems otherworldly, it is a must-see if you plan to visit wilder Norway. On its shores are five of Norway’s old, traditional wooden churches. 

The lake is also a sustainable destination with many modern farms and villages in the surrounding area. An ideal destination if you want to do active nature tourism and enjoy its exceptional beauty on foot or by bike.


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