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Outfit de invierno para mujer

Winter style: The best outfit ideas for women

Yes, we know that it is so cold that if you could you wouldn’t go outside… Or you would do so in your favourite pyjamas and wrapped tightly in a warm blanket. But if you have to do so the best option is to choose winter outfits to face the low temperatures without sacrificing style

Women’s winter outfits are mostly based on very basic and versatile key garments in neutral colour palettes that allow for countless combinations. Greys, blacks, beiges, even white can be found in coats, jackets, skirts, trousers and shoes, constituting a wardrobe essential

But, why opt only for such simple garments? The layering that a winter outfit entails is also an opportunity to combine different textures, prints and colours. Tones such as mustard, greens or others in fashion this autumn-winter season such as burgundy also have their place in outfits to combat the cold. 

The key to women’s casual style in winter is experimentation and overcoming fear. Combining a printed blouse with tweed trousers, leather trousers with a thick cardigan, satin skirts with sweatshirts and boots… The limit? It simply doesn’t exist as long as you are comfortable and protected from the cold. 

Even if it is very cold, those accessories that are very often the finishing and personal touches to the look should not be forgotten either. Whether it’s a pair of gloves, a bag or a maxi scarf to wrap yourself in almost completely. Whatever your favourite, never forget it when you go outside.

And since the best way to show you that your next winter outfits do not have to be all the same or boring, we provide some ideas below that you can apply on your next outing.

Winter outfit idea 1: The most practical executive

One of the major winter trends is tailoring. Formal trousers with waist pleats and belt loops have become a staple in the wardrobe of any woman for combining with all types of T-shirts and blouses. We suggest you combine them with a far more casual garment such as a puffer and some boots. A contrasting look that balances the elevated style of these types of trousers with the practicality of a quilted coat. Feel like trying it?

Winter outfit idea 2: Multi-functional for everyday life

There is nothing more basic than a pair of straight jeans. Or a white blouse. Or a blazer… And if you put them all together? This look is suitable for going to work and visiting an exhibition or enjoying an afternoon of shopping. With a coat on top, of course. Complete your outfit with some moccasins or sports shoes and you will be ready to hit the streets despite the cold. 

Winter outfit idea 3: Sporty elegant

This just may be the most surprising winter outfit of all, but believe us when we tell you that it has ever more fans, and we are not surprised! All you need are some tracksuit bottoms and a plain sweatshirt in your favourite colour, some sports shoes and a structured or classic cut coat. An ideal combination for going to and returning from your training, for going shopping or for enjoying a relaxing day. 

Winter outfit idea 4: The comfort of oversize

The oversize trend arrived a few years ago and refuses to leave us, something we are not going to complain about, because it has given us the most comfortable casual winter outfits for these temperatures. What is important in this case is not working hard to create your look, but working intelligently. 

All you have to do is combine some simple jeans or a satin skirt with your favourite sports shoes, elements that already establish the basis of the contrast that is key to this style. To finish it off simply choose an oversize jumper or cardigan; what is important is that you like and feel comfortable in them.The rest? That’s your choice, it doesn’t matter if you add a cap, a beanie or a padded sleeveless jacket.

Winter outfit idea 5: Climbing the city

Have you ever considered wearing climbing boots in the middle of the city? They do not necessarily have to be these boots exactly; kickers-style boots will do to give the functional touch to the look. To complete it all you need is a flowy, printed mini dress and a structured jacket (tweed, military style…). Simple, practical and super effective to battle the cold with this women’s winter outfit


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