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How to Mix and Match Red Clothing, the Trendy Colour

If we’ve been following the fashion trends of recent years, it’s easy to notice that almost every season has a trending colour. If the spotlight was on pink and all its variations in the past year, giving rise to the “barbiecore” trend, this autumn-winter season belongs to the colour red.

Red is a powerful colour that directly impacts the mood of the wearer and how others perceive them. Ultimately, red is a colour associated with energy, strength, courage, survival, and emotion. It’s also linked to fire and intensity, traditionally connected to concepts like desire and passion.

But beyond that, red fashion has always been associated with luxury, becoming the emblem of some of the most important fashion houses in history.

So, to make sure you don’t miss out on this season’s trend, we’re going to give you some key tips.

Total Look

Just like with pink, red is on-trend in 2023, and using it for a total look is the boldest choice. It might be suitable only for the most daring, but we assure you that you won’t go wrong. Combine a red skirt with a red blouse and a red coat of the same shade. And don’t forget about the accessories! For a night out, consider bright red sandals.

In Accessories

Red is always a great choice if you want to add an accent to your outfit. We saw the pink and red trend last season, but that’s not the only way to make this colour stand out as a striking detail in your outfit. The best approach is to incorporate this pop of colour in your handbags, a must-have accessory in any outfit that will catch attention, especially when combined with neutral colours. Another option is to go for red shoes to elevate a conventional look to something extraordinary.

Combined with Grey

There’s no better ally for red than a neutral tone like grey. Using grey as a base allows the red elements in your outfit to stand out even more. Grey is also a trendy colour this season, making the combination a winner. Opt for a grey dress with red accessories, a red skirt with a grey sweatshirt… The possibilities are extensive.

Red + Black, a Classic

Almost as classic as the total look is the combination of the red colour trend in 2023 with black. It’s a strong and personality-packed contrast that captivates anyone, as evidenced by the numerous combinations seen on recent runways. A black pencil skirt and a short-sleeved red jersey can be a good starting point, but experimenting is the best way to go.

Red Trousers

Red trousers are a key item if you want to incorporate this colour in your autumn-winter wardrobe. These trousers can be paired with almost anything, fitting perfectly for any occasion.

For instance, pair them with a white or black t-shirt, sneakers, and a jacket for the perfect casual outfit. If you’re going for a more edgy look, combine them with a shiny black top and ankle boots for a night out with friends.

Collegiate Style

Collegiate style is another major trend for autumn-winter, especially in an old-school context. So, we suggest putting a spin on the traditional school uniform to create an irresistible look. The key is to combine a red plaid skirt with red socks, loafers, a t-shirt, and a blazer, a leather jacket, or a logo jumper.

With a Statement Piece

Statement pieces are those extra-special garments that can take an outfit from ordinary to incredible. And if it’s in the colour of the season, even better. In a season like this, there’s no better statement piece than a red bomber jacket, a piece that can elevate any outfit and give it a unique touch. A tip: finish off your outfit with some animal print, and you can show off your style.


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