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What should I take on a hiking trip?

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of hiking or you’re already experienced and enjoy weekend hikes with friends, there are essential items, such as hiking clothing, that must accompany you on every mountain outing for your own safety.

There are countless hiking routes, both in coastal areas and mountain trails, but even if you’re heading to a familiar route, unexpected situations can arise at any time and place.

That’s why one of the most important things to consider is that, regardless of the gear you choose, it should not be a burden that hinders your ability to navigate in nature. Along with this detail, you should also take into account other variables such as the season in which you’ll be hiking, the climate of the chosen location, and the estimated duration.
Once you have this in mind, it’s time to prepare your backpack. What should you include in your next outing?


Choosing the right hiking clothing is a fundamental step in preparing for your hiking trip. Wearing inappropriate clothing could lead to problems like hypothermia or heatstroke. The same goes for what you pack in your backpack. It’s best to always have:

  • Breathable underwear to prevent heat-related discomfort during the hike.
  • Shorts, long pants, or convertible pants. The key is comfort and not being hindered on your way, like the Havaianas Cargo long shorts.
  • High-quality socks that allow good ventilation and prevent rubbing and blisters.

Additionally, it’s recommended to have a spare shirt in your backpack (we recommend checking out our new arrivals) to change into upon reaching your destination and avoid staying in sweaty clothes. It’s also advisable to include a lightweight padded jacket like the Havaianas Classic Puff Jacket to protect yourself from the cold.


Alongside hiking clothing, it’s crucial to carefully consider the backpack you choose for your trip. You need one that is lightweight but, at the same time, allows you to carry all the essentials for this little adventure. It’s best to opt for a backpack with a volume of around 10 liters for short hikes and one of up to 70 liters for hikes involving camping over several days.
The Havaianas Colors backpack is a good option for these shorter hikes, as it has the perfect capacity to carry the first aid kit, essential food and drinks for every outing, and spare clothing.


In addition to wearing proper footwear for your hikes, if your next goal is to finish at a coastal area or directly on a beach, you can’t forget to bring some flip-flops with you. Wearing them allows you to take off your hiking shoes for a while and give your feet a break before setting off again.

We recommend opting for flip-flops that are not only comfortable but also safe. Therefore, you should pay close attention to the type of area you’ll be visiting. If it’s a sandy beach, classic Havaianas Top flip-flops can be great companions. However, if you’re going to a pebble beach, it’s best to choose flip-flops with a bit more support, like the Havaianas Slides Classic.


Next to hiking clothing, don’t forget about accessories when you head out for a hike. Having sunglasses to protect your eyes and combined with one of our caps, will prevent the sun from causing any trouble and reduce the risk of sunstroke during your walk.

Other Essentials

You might not be able to wear these like clothing, but they are just as essential for your next hiking trip. Remember, it’s never advisable to head out without water, food, sunscreen, and a small first aid kit in your backpack. Additionally, never forget your fully charged phone and, if possible, a backup battery to rely on in case of low battery.
Are you ready for your next hike?


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