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Winter Landscapes: Walking Routes

Despite the low temperatures, winter is a magical season, especially when venturing into areas where snow covers everything, and nature transforms into a fairy tale vision.

It’s common for many hiking enthusiasts to take advantage of this time to enjoy the winter scene, embarking on routes to experience it firsthand. Some even choose to take their holidays during this period to explore breathtaking winter landscapes that leave you breathless.

So, if you’re a winter hiking enthusiast, we’re confident that the nature walks we’re about to mention will make it to your must-visit list for the upcoming holidays. Grab some comfortable sneakers, like the ones you’ll find at Havaianas, because we’re going for a winter walk.

Camino de Santiago

This conglomerate of pilgrimage routes dating back to the 9th century starts from places as distant as France, various points in Spain, and Portugal, all converging on the same destination: the city of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, to visit its basilica and the tomb of the Apostle inside. The seven main routes of the Camino are marked with the shell, a symbol of the Apostle and the pilgrim. However, if you decide to follow one of its routes during winter, we recommend opting for the so-called French Way or the routes that traverse northern Spain, protected as UNESCO World Heritage sites and incredibly beautiful in winter, with snow-covered landscapes. Each year, over 200,000 walkers choose this pilgrimage, not only as a symbol of faith but as a personal challenge. Whatever your reasons for undertaking it, remember to carry a backpack containing all the essentials, like those from Havaianas.


Nature in Scotland has the power to transport you to another world and era; that’s why its snow-covered landscapes are among the most attractive for hikers. The Cairngorms are a mountain range located in the eastern part of the renowned Scottish Highlands, full of otherworldly snowy landscapes perfect for climbing or hiking. Although it’s not an easy route, winter hiking in the area will lead you to discover frozen lakes, snow-capped peaks, and ice-covered rugged peaks worthy of Arctic regions. We are confident that you won’t regret visiting this landscape.

French Alps

Probably one of the most popular views of nature in the French country. Contemplating them almost produces an instant feeling of calm but also reminds us of how small we are in front of nature. That’s why the French Alps are one of the most visited winter landscapes with numerous routes. Here, you can not only enjoy snow sports like snowboarding or skiing but also hike through the snow with the help of poles and suitable footwear. From the village of Chamonix, trails depart to walk along the base of the imposing Mont Blanc, passing from village to village and getting to know life in the high mountains. In the routes through the French Alps, you can also see pine forests, the train that travels through alpine meadows, or vast snow-covered pastures like in the best winter scenes. Make sure to dress warmly.

La Gomera

Talking about winter hiking doesn’t necessarily imply snow-covered landscapes. Just ask the Canary Islands, specifically the small island of La Gomera, ideal for hiking enthusiasts looking for almost pristine forests. With an average temperature of around 20°C even in winter and just over eight hours of sunshine per day, La Gomera is a perfect winter destination. Its heart hosts the Garajonay National Park, where the island’s highest peak is located, and numerous hiking routes where you can contemplate one of the largest laurel forests. But if you prefer a walk in a less dense environment, we recommend following some that cross the Vallehermoso area. Best of all, if you feel like it, you can take a swim afterward, so don’t forget to bring some flip-flops.

Bufones de Pría

Exploring the coast in winter is also a good option for hiking enthusiasts, if you’re well-prepared, of course. The Asturian coast offers a wild landscape of high waves breaking against cliffs, seeping through cracks and holes between rocks, bursting out like geysers.

The Bufones de Pría are full of these false geysers (precisely called bufones) and form a path in the area of the town of Llanes that extends over 12 kilometers where you can enjoy the calm and constant sound of the sea. A route to isolate yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a day of relaxed hiking.

Five proposals for winter walks in nature, so that the most challenging part is choosing which one.


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