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Destinos cálidos para visitar en invierno

Warm Destinations for a December Vacation

Brrr! Are you one of those who shivers at the mere mention of winter? We have to admit that some days it’s a struggle to layer up to fend off the cold, and the lack of sunlight can make us feel a bit down. But fear not! Forget about heaters, hot water bottles, and snuggies. If you’re taking a few days off in this chilly month, why not do it in a place that reminds you of the summer you miss so much?

Believe it or not, there are many warm destinations in December where you can say goodbye to coats, scarves, and gloves for a few days. Enjoying higher average temperatures depends only on your time, desire to leave home, and budget. Remember, traveling in the first half of the month is not the same as during the Christmas dates.

Where to Travel in December Where It’s Warm?

Goodbye snow! Goodbye rain! Goodbye cold! Feel the warmth starting to course through your body because we’re going to give you some ideas to find the place where it’s warm in December that best suits your tastes.

Grab your flip-flops – we’re off!

Canary Islands (Spain)

To enjoy a summer-like climate, you don’t have to go too far. The Canary Islands are a perfect destination for traveling in the last month of the year. You’ll only need to invest a couple of hours of your time to travel from the mainland to this destination where the average temperature hovers around 20°C throughout the month. Canaries are not only one of the quintessential hot destinations in December but also offer a wide variety of landscapes to explore across the eight islands. Visit volcanic landscapes that will leave you speechless, such as those in Teide National Park in Tenerife. Enjoy the dune reserve of Maspalomas in Gran Canaria, or try your hand at surfing on the beaches of Fuerteventura. You choose your favorite island, but don’t forget your swimsuit!

Sicily (Italy)

The island of Sicily in southern Italy is another place where it’s warm in December, where you can also enjoy some of the country’s best spas. The perfect hot destination to take a break from the routine hustle for a few days. But Sicily is much more. The island is known for its vast fields of citrus trees, local vegetables and fish that you can consume fresh, and delicious cuisine that you shouldn’t miss. And to complete the list? The possibility of visiting numerous archaeological sites from the Greek and Roman eras scattered throughout the island.

Madeira (Portugal)

Europe is dotted with places to travel in December where it’s warm, even if it’s not on its mainland. One of the best examples is the Portuguese island of Madeira. Known as the island of eternal spring, it allows you to enjoy mild winters with a minimum temperature that rarely drops below 20°C. This island full of rocky beaches and warm waters will allow you to take a good dip before the year ends, so don’t forget to bring a towel. In addition to beaches, Madeira also has mountains and cliffs with a greenery you’ll never forget, becoming one of its main tourist attractions. In recent years, they have become so well-known that there are even hiking festivals on the island held in January.

Cape Town (South Africa)

It may be the farthest destination from Europe among those we suggest, but we guarantee you won’t regret it. Cape Town is one of those warm destinations in December ideal for those who don’t settle for mild weather, as it’s in the Southern Hemisphere’s summer. This port city is full of beaches to enjoy a good swim, local fish, or pleasant strolls. Also, you can enjoy the wines produced in some of its numerous vineyards while indulging in your little summer fantasy in the middle of winter.

Azores Islands (Portugal)

Want to visit a place with such lush nature that it seems like a jungle? Then the Azores Islands are your destination. This almost tropical archipelago is full of vegetation thanks to its high humidity level and an average temperature of 21°C in winter. Its black sand beaches will allow you to cool off after a day following one of the numerous trails to explore them. You can also try some of the local gastronomy while disconnecting from everything. A perfect and comfortable destination for a quick getaway during the month of December. Hurry, your destination to escape the winter chill has already opened for check-in!


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