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Most beautiful European cities

The 20 most beautiful cities in Europe

Travel is one of life’s great pleasures, especially given how easy connections are nowadays. However, although we love travelling, there are times when you don’t need to go very far to enjoy some of the most stunning places in the world… or rather in Europe.

If you’re looking for your next travel destination, here at Havaianas, we’re going to show you some of the most stunning European cities so that you can get the most out of the continent.


The city of love, light, artParis, ultimately considered by many to be the most beautiful European city, and the more than 40 million visitors it receives each year can attest to its charm. Museums such as the Louvre or the Musée d’Orsay delight art fans, while fashion lovers can revel in exhibitions or the shop windows of the major European fashion houses. There are also charming neighbourhoods such as Montmartre or famous landmarks including Moulin Rouge, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame or the Arc de Triomf. If you’ve never been to the French capital and you’re looking to make some special memories, for your first visit to the Eiffel Tower, we recommend you approach it from the Place du Trocadéro or on board one of the popular Batobus that go up and down the Seine River.


Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, highlighted by its stunning architecture and unique position split in two by the Danube River. Known as the City of Spas, it has had 118 of these baths since 1934, both natural and man-made, making it a very popular destination in Europe among those looking for the perfect combination of a beautiful setting and relaxation after a long day of sightseeing. Don’t forget to pack your swimming costume or bikini so you can explore some of the most popular spas. The view over the Danube at night, lit up by the lights along the promenade, is one that will stay with you forever. 


Seville is so much more than flamenco and its April Fair. The capital of Andalusia in the south of Spain is one of the most charming European cities, captivating locals and tourists alike every year with its unique character. It has the largest historical centre in Spain, and one of the oldest in Europe, along with Genoa and Venice. Teeming with historical and architectural heritage, and with sights as spectacular as its Plaza de España, Seville is a jewel in the south of the Iberian Peninsula that you must see at least once in your lifetime.


The Scottish capital is absolutely magical, whatever time of year you visit it. It has one of the most beautiful historical centres in Europe, and probably the world. From its castle atop one of the city’s hills to the Royal Mile, walking around Edinburgh is to immerse yourself in the magic and history of a thoroughly unique city. Legends, mysteries, crimes, art, spectacular architecture… Need we say more about one of the most stunning locations in Europe


If you’re looking for a city that appears to have been taken from a fairy tale, then look no further than Bruges. Canals, trees, cobbled streets and buildings with facades made of stone and wood… The historic centre of Bruges, which has buildings dating from the 12th-15th centuries, looks as though it is straight out of a Brothers Grimm tale. Ideal for a quick getaway, you can enjoy sitting in one of its cafés and then stroll around marvelling at its beauty. 


Florence, the capital of Tuscany and the quintessential city of art. Visiting this city means walking in the footsteps of renowned artists such as Leonardo or Michelangelo. With spectacular architecture that tells the history of one of the most important cities in Italy, it is one of the best European destinations for art and history lovers. Wandering around Florence is like getting lost in time, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.


It’s impossible not to fall in love with this pearl of the Adriatic. Its beaches have become some of the most visited each year since appearing in series such as Game of Thrones. But its history and the incredible condition of its ancient buildings make the Croatian city particularly appealing and add to its unique atmosphere. In addition to having been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is a great starting point for exploring other gems along the Adriatic coast, such as Split and the islands of Hvar and Brac. Wander along the medieval walls of Dubrovnik and enjoy a spectacular sunset as part of a dream getaway. 


Amsterdam’s canals and its brick buildings are what remain in the memory of every visitor to the city. Why not let yourself get swept away by the beauty of its charming city centre and enjoy the romantic atmosphere, even on rainy days? Amsterdam offers highlights such as the Anne Frank Museum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum. We recommend you take a tour of the city’s canals by boat


The Spanish capital is an ideal city to explore on foot, so don’t forget to pack a pair of comfortable sneakers. As with all major capitals, the historical and the contemporary come together in a unique atmosphere that is full of life. Through its architecture, you can learn all about its history, without forgetting, of course, the amazing restaurants and night life. It is very difficult to run out of something to do or see in Madrid, as the cultural and entertainment offer is one of the most varied in Europe.


Its canals are one of the most reproduced images on postcards and paintings of Italy, and that’s because Venice is unique. The city of canals, and one of the most beautiful European cities, is made up of more than 118 islands joined by a network of canals and bridges, giving you an unparalleled experience. Its historical architecture, palaces and works of art are an added attraction in such a magical setting. 


The city where the composer Mozart was born attracts a large number of tourists every year, mainly music lovers during its famous music and theatre festival. Its small historical centre is overflowing with charm and it is teeming with century-old shops located in the streets that the musician once walked.


The eternal city, the capital of Italy, is the perfect place for your dream getaway, and is almost like something out of a film. Its incredible atmosphere and the number of historical monuments and works of art is enough to make anyone dizzy. All you need to do is choose what to focus on when visiting, or the other option is to experience a bit of everything. Just don’t forget to bring a pair of comfortable shoes


Putting on a pair of espadrilles and visiting Porto is one of the best decisions you can take for your next getaway. It’s not only one of the most beautiful European cities, but it also stands out for its diversity, both cultural and natural, as well as its wines and special architectural combination of historical buildings, such as its churches, and buildings with a contemporary design that have won international prizes such as the Pritzker.


Known for its Christmas market around the spectacular Gothic cathedral, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cologne is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and in Europe. Past and present come together in the works of art found in the Ludwig Museum, or in the history of National Socialism told at the Documentation Centre in the former headquarters of the Gestapo secret police. However, Cologne also has the ideal entertainment offer for those that don’t want to stand still for a second, just look at its restaurants, galleries, music venues and theatres.


Lisbon is romantic, cosmopolitan, lively… Lisbon is everything, and it has a charm that makes everyone fall in love with it. From its historical centre full of examples of the Portugal of yesteryear, teeming with tiles and charming houses, to the beaches and viewpoints where some of the most spectacular sunsets in Europe can be seen. The Portuguese capital is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe in its own right.


The political centre of the European Union is more than just the European Parliament and the continent’s latest political news. The city has exceptional examples of architecture, such as the Grand-Place. But it also offers great attractions for those with a sweet tooth, such as Belgian chocolate, or a huge variety of beer for aficionados. However you look at it, Brussels does not go unnoticed.


This Catalonian capital has always enjoyed a high level of international renown thanks to its multicultural atmosphere and the life on its streets. You could say that Barcelona offers everything, from a huge cultural and gastronomic offer to unparalleled architecture, and, best of all, access to the beach without having to leave the city. A safe bet for travelling alone, with family or with friends. Make sure you don’t forget your flip flops in case you want to cool down in the sea when it gets hot.


Although not everyone considers it to be one of the most beautiful European cities, it has to be said that London offers something special that is very appealing for visitors. The capital of the United Kingdom is one of the most visited cities in the world and highlights not only include spectacular monuments and architecture, but also the cosmopolitan atmosphere of its different neighbourhoods. Notting Hill, Piccadilly, the London Eye or Camden Town are just some of the areas that attract visitors and make them want to come back.


If you want to explore one of Germany’s oldest cities, then Munich is the city for you. It was first mentioned in documents in 1158 and was founded as an important trade centre. It is full of forts and castles that will delight history lovers, such as Neuschwanstein Castle, built in the 19th century and Walt Disney’s inspiration for the castle in Sleeping Beauty. 

Don’t miss out on any of these spectacular sights, but do give experiences such as Oktoberfest a miss. 


We cannot talk about the most beautiful cities in Europe without mentioning Vienna. A city bathed in history, where Empress Sissi’s mark can still be seen in places such as the Schönbrunn Palace. However, it is also full of gardens and cafés you can explore, or you can enjoy shows or concerts in its many theatres. The city also has one of the oldest zoos in the world
The major European cities are waiting to welcome you with open arms. With your partner or family, choose your destination and start to prepare your next European getaway.


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