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Pool Games for kids and children

Pool Games: Let the Fun Begin!

There are those who dream of summer all year round. But if there’s anyone who enjoys the arrival of the long-awaited holidays more than anyone else, it’s the little ones. Even if they’re given some summer homework, they have almost the entire day to entertain themselves with their favorite pastimes.

Nothing makes a child happier than being near the water during the hot season. While spending summer by the beach is one of the best options, if your family and you can’t enjoy it and have to settle for the pool in your complex or in your town or city, there’s no doubt that you can withstand the high temperatures much better.

And what’s better for enjoying such a day than some pool games for kids? We’re going to provide you with some ideas to keep the little ones entertained during the mornings and afternoons by the pool. A way to keep them active and make the most of their holidays. However, make sure that everyone participating in these games knows how to swim and that there are no very young children in the water to avoid compromising their safety.Tell the kids to grab their favorite children’s flip-flops because… Let the games begin!

Flip Flops for kids and children
Flip Flops for kids

Diving Contest

This is an authentic classic among pool games, and it’s also one of the most successful among the little ones. The mechanics are very simple and require a lot of caution, but if done right, it can be one of their favorites.

Children will have to jump into the pool in different ways: arms together, legs spread, doing cannonballs… Any form you can think of, as long as they are safe for the kids. After jumping into the water, the adults in the pool will have to score each jump.The best way to end this pool game? Celebrate the end of the competition with a slushie, a soft drink, or an ice cream.

Treasure Hunt

Nothing motivates a child more than a good challenge, and if they’ve just discovered that they enjoy diving, this pool game might be the perfect choice. Why not suggest that they become treasure hunters for a while, playing around the pool in search of treasure?
The mechanics are simple: all participating children have to be in the water. Once they’re all in, an adult from outside the pool has to throw something shiny or eye-catching into the water that sinks easily: a colored hoop, a shiny toy, a large coin… Just remember to tell them to close their eyes when you do so. When the game leader shouts “Go!” they have to open their eyes and search for the treasure in the water by diving.

Marco Polo

This might be the most well-known among all, but it’s because it’s one of the most fun pool games. Once again, all participating children should be in the water.

Similar to a game of tag, one of them will be the catcher. The catch? This child will have their eyes closed and will search for the others in the water.The way to play is simple: the child who’s “it” will shout “Marco!” and the others have to respond “Polo!” This way, the searching child has to find them by touch, guided by their voices. The most fun part is that the kids can move around to confuse the searcher, who can shout “Marco!” as many times as they want. A classic among pool games that never disappoints anyone.

The Shark

During summer, classic shark movies are always on television, making you want to protect even your favorite ladies flip-flops. But this shark game has nothing to do with those movies. In fact, this is undoubtedly the most fun version for the little ones.

In this pool game, the child playing the role of the shark stays in the water. What do the others have to do? Jump into the pool and try to cross it without being caught by the shark. Can everyone escape the shark?

To add a little more excitement, you can introduce a pool float that acts as a lifebuoy. The child who gets on it can’t be caught by the shark. But only one can get on it!

Guess That Tune

If after the more thrilling games the kids still want more pool games, this might be the best option. It’s a much calmer game, but still very enjoyable.

Children have to go underwater, and one of them has to hum a song for the others to guess. It might not be the easiest game, but it’s certainly one of the most fun. Can they guess all the songs?


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