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4 outfits for festivals: how to dress comfortably and in style

Summer is finally here! And among the many things we have the opportunity to enjoy during this time of year are music festivals

Afternoons that turn into evenings, moments with friends, listening to the best artists of the moment in an atmosphere that can’t be compared to any other. 

The energy of a music festival fills you with life; the music, the people and we believe that whatever you use to enjoy this good time has to do the same.

A festival is the ideal occasion to pull out the best clothes from your wardrobe and create stylish outfits, however attending a festival usually means spending many hours in one place, under the sun and sometimes until the sun disappears, huge open spaces where you have to walk from one place to another and carrying extra or extra layers of clothes is not really an option.

In order to fully enjoy a music festival it is important to wear something comfortable, just as it is vitally important to never leave your style behind.

That’s why today we’re sharing with you four outfits you can wear to a music festival, so that your outfit is in harmony with your attitude this summer.

If you’re wondering how to dress for a festival? Read on and discover the 4 festival looks we have prepared for you.

Bold Beauty

The heat is one of the most distinctive elements of summer so wearing as little clothing as possible is perhaps the best option, and certainly a bold one. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to walk around half-naked in a crowded place, but you can build an outfit with a series of thin layers that provide you with comfort and a look that’s as bold as it is chic.

Starting with the base: a pair of palazzo trousers, preferably in cotton or a thin fabric, in which it is extremely easy to move around. To these you can add a pair of Havaianas Mule Loafter either in a bright, dark colour to survive the dirt and dust of the venue or with a fun print.

shoes for festivals outfit
bikini for festivals

For the top of the outfit is where the bold element comes in, a bikini top. The Havaianas Ondas Jeri top is an excellent choice, as its ruffles and three different colours add detail to the outfit. 

On top of it you can wear a small mesh or translucent top to protect you from the sun, and don’t forget to accessorise!

Back to Basics

There’s a reason why this outfit has been so popular at festivals over the last few years and it’s because it works. 

A series of classic elements that can be given a fun twist with colours or prints and that when incorporated create a comfortable and beautiful outfit, ideal for enjoying an occasion like this.

The base of it all is the long Havaianas Beachdress Long Tigresa, which you can choose from three colours: black, orange and fuchsia, according to what best suits your style. 

If you like your figure to be more defined, you can wear a thin or medium belt at the waist, which will give you a more defined silhouette. 

Whether you want to add a little something extra to your outfit or want to take some shelter from the air or sun, a white cotton shirt over the shoulders is the ideal extra element.

havaianas dress for festivals
festival sunglasess

When it comes to footwear, we recommend sticking to a pair of white trainers to add a neutral touch to your outfit, plus they’ll allow you to walk comfortably wherever you want. And the most important part of a basic look like this is accessorising. 

Experiment with jewellery and add elements like Havaianas Geriba sunglasses or a Havaianas logo purse to store your essentials.

Summer Glow

This outfit is the epitome of summer, a cool, comfortable and extremely cute look! 

It’s worth clarifying that this is not an outfit made to resist a big party but to spend a great, sunny afternoon, sitting on a blanket on the grass at some park-based festival, and most important of all: listening to the music you love with friends.

For the bottom, the ideal choice is the Havaiana Linen shorts, which are comfortable and ventilated – great for the summer heat – and fasten with a knot at the waist for a sleek, defined silhouette.

We love this garment and we already talked about it in our post about airport outfits.

The Havaianas Tank Knit Lurex is the perfect pair for these shorts, an adjustable top with a sweetheart neckline, a beautiful floral pattern and a subtle ruffled detail at the front.

havaianas shorts
havaianas tank top

  And to finish off the immaculate summer vibe, how about a pair of Havaianas You Saint Tropez, which go perfectly with the top and hint at the look of a bow.

Festival Fun

The fun of dressing up is that you can create a combination of elements that have the best of feminine, masculine style and stay stylish without much effort. 

At a festival, comfort and style are paramount and this outfit might just be the perfect meeting of the two.

Mom jeans are the ideal cut for a pair of jeans that should be modern and should maintain mobility. 

If you’re not a fan of mixing it up, a good alternative to a pair of jeans can be a pair of straight cut trousers, a pair of Havaianas Rainbow trousers or even the Havaiana Linen shorts we saw in the previous outfit, which will give this look an even more feminine look. 

espadrilles for festivals Havaianas
short slevee t-shirt

To be able to walk freely, jump to the music and dance till you drop, the Havaianas Mule Resort Eco are a fantastic footwear option, with two neutral colour options to choose from.

Most of the fun of this look is concentrated on the top, starting with a short sleeved Havaianas shirt, which has an amazing palm leaf print and can be tied at the waist or fitted into the trousers.

For accessories you can wear a fun bucket hat from Havaianas, which is also reversible! And don’t forget a pair of sunglasses like the Havaianas Maragogi and a nice multicoloured backpack to carry all your essentials, so you’re ready to enjoy this memorable music festival with the best outfit!

If you liked these festival looks, don’t hesitate to take a look at our spring summer outfits, where you’re sure to find even more inspiration to look great at your next festival.


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