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Sandals: Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions about Sandals

There are many activities that we do mechanically during an average day; eating, showering, drinking water, and of course, getting dressed. But even if many of these are things we are used to, it’s normal that sometimes we ask ourselves: why this and not that? Why do we choose what we choose? Suddenly doubts arise and it might seem difficult to find the answers.

Since we know that choosing the perfect pair of shoes for you is something that can be complicated and, even when you’re sure, it’s difficult to be completely sure, we wanted to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about sandals, and in the process you might fall in love with the idea of adding a pair of Havaianas to your wardrobe.

When were sandals invented?

This type of footwear is considered to be the first in history so its origin goes back many (many) years, we are talking about the first records in the year 7,000 BC. These shoes made of wood and fibres were worn on special occasions and usually by the upper social classes of the Roman Empire, in which jewellery was embedded. At one time sandals were also used by Greek performers, and this type of shoe became popular after World War II, when sandals began to undergo a constant process of reinvention and the whole world began to use them for everyday wear.

Can I/should I drive in sandals?

It’s not recommended to wear sandals while driving. We understand that some car journeys can get a bit tiresome and it’s normal to want to be as comfortable as possible. However, although it’s not forbidden to wear sandals while driving, it’s inappropriate in terms of safety, as sandals may hinder the freedom of movement to properly control the pedals of the car. 

With this in mind we do not recommend driving with sandals or flip-flops; as an alternative you could carry your pair of sandals in your bag or backpack to change shoes when you arrive at your destination, but remember the importance of safety and drive with a type of footwear that allows you to have control over the vehicle and thus prevent accidents.  

How should sandals fit?

As you probably know, there is a great variety of types of sandals; from those that have plastic straps that go around the shape of the foot, such as As you probably know, there is a great variety of types of sandals; from those that have plastic straps that go around the shape of the foot, such as the Havaianas Sunny Sparkle, to those that have a single strip of fabric that crosses the foot from one side to the other, such as the Havaianas You Malta.

In these cases, the sandals can’t be adjusted if they don’t match your size, so make sure you choose the right size. How do I know what my sandal size is? Your foot should be completely supported by the sole, there should be no gaps or extra spaces because you could trip over them. If you have any doubts about your foot size, we recommend you to take a look at our size guide!

How can I prevent my feet from sweating in sandals?

The first thing is to make sure your feet are clean before you put on sandals or wear any type of shoe. It’s important to get into the habit of wearing socks when wearing closed shoes, as your feet sweat a lot more in closed shoes. This will reduce the possibility of perspiration. For sandals, one recommendation is to apply talcum powder before putting them on, this technique reduces the production of sweat that causes odour. There are also specialised deodorants to use on your feet, which are a good ally in these cases.  

How can I prevent my feet from slipping in sandals?

Hay varias formas de evitar los resbalones. Los polvos de talco vuelven a There are several ways to prevent slipping. Talcum powder is once again useful for this, as it absorbs sweat and helps prevent slipping when wearing sandals. Another option is to use insoles; there are different types, some more discreet than others, and they will give you the support, surface and comfort you need to walk happily in your sandals. Also, a popular trick to prevent your feet from slipping when wearing sandals is to spray hairspray on the sandal, wait until it dries a little, put your sandals on and walk without fear.  

How can I remove the smell from rubber sandals?

There are two very simple ways to remove the bad smell of rubber sandals, the first one is to wash them with soap and water. In this way you will remove dirt and odour-causing bacteria that have accumulated through use. Talcum powder again plays an important role in neutralising odour by reducing surface moisture, so we recommend a combination of both!

Can you wear tights or leggings with sandals?

No combination is impossible, it all depends on what you feel comfortable with. However, wearing sandals is part of the benefits of summer, freeing up some of the parts of the body that are normally covered up. If wearing tights is something you want to do because you feel more comfortable or because of fashion (for example, when wearing sandals with a dress), we recommend that you choose a pair in the colour of your skin, to camouflage and still give that fresh, summery look.

Can you wear sandals to a wedding?

Many weddings have a dress code specified on the invitation, but it varies depending on the type of celebration. If you are in doubt about what footwear is appropriate for a particular event, it is best to discuss this with the hosts for clarification. Normally, at weddings held in spring or summer, it’s very common that female guests wear sandals.

In any case, you can always carry some nice and comfortable sandals in your handbag to wear after the ceremony, so you can dance and move to your heart’s content throughout the celebration!

Are sandals and flip-flops the same thing?

Although in different Spanish-speaking countries the terms may be used synonymously, sandals and flip-flops are different types of shoes. Flip-flops are usually for everyday use, normally used at home or in informal outdoor spaces, beach or swimming pool, while sandals are used in more elegant occasions that require to be fashionable and wear better quality footwear and appearance. In our blog article we tell you more about the differences between flip-flops and sandals.

Can I wear sandals to work?

In this case, the best thing to do is to look around. Take a look at what the other people in the office (or in your workspace) are wearing and choose accordingly. And if you have any questions, just ask! Talk to colleagues, superiors or someone who is familiar with the dress code. This will make it much easier for you to choose the right shoe for your work environment


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